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3 Year Relationship Problems

It is actually, not uncommon for any lady to feel really horrible after breaking-up her boyfriend. In fact various ladies become really depressed that they begin to complain to everyone about how depressed they are and some might even think of committing suicide. So if you really want to get your ex-boyfriend back, you can try texting him. But texting your ex-boyfriend back can be really tricky, especially if you do not want to seem desperate and end up losing him. So here are some few tips to help you text your ex-boyfriend back.

Irrespective of who ended the relationship, both you and your ex are really hurting after the break up, and, as much as, you really want to text him immediately after the break up, make sure you allow some time to pass, so that you can both can calm down and reflect on what happened. Texting him, while he is still hurting, might end up worsening the situation.


If he ended the relationship allow him some time to reflect on the relationship and:

  1. Begin by texting him something thoughtful and short, remember don't write him a long boring text. Try to keep it to the point and concise, making sure you keep him interested. This text is meant to open up a line of communication between you two.
  2. Make sure you select your words carefully. Don't text him something like “what's going on or what's up”. This is not appropriate as it shows that you are checking up on him and that you are really desperate. So always make sure that your texts have a purpose.
  3. After the communication line is opened, try to send him an apology if you were the one who did something wrong that resulted in the break up. Remember you have only one chance and no room for fluff, so be straight about it.
  4. Be patient while waiting for his reply and if he accepts your apology and keeps replying your texts. Ask him if you can meet up for a drink or coffee and talk about getting back together.

If you were the one who ended the relationship:

  1. The best way to handle this issue is by being honest about what happened, because you need win his heart back, which is quite difficult to do via text. So begin by sending him a text to tell him how wrong you were to end the relationship.
  2. Do not pressure him or get frustrated, if he does not reply your message immediately. He might actually need a little more time to think about it, so allow him some time to think about it.
  3. If he sends you a warm reply back, send him a message asking him if you guys can meet up and talk about getting back together.

Men dislike ladies who seem clingy and desperate, so as much as you want him to know how sad and depressed you are, make sure you hide your emotions and send him less text messages. If you text him too much, he might probably ignore your messages and even keep away from you. Remember the whole idea is making him want you back and not become his stalker.

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