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There's no absolute best way. Advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back covers a lot of territory and offers no promises for the most part. No matter where you look or what kind of relationship you had every relationship is unique and has its own set of strengths and weaknesses to build on. Can sex make a difference in your efforts to get your guy back?

The very first thing that many people thing of when it comes to finding the best way or advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back is sex. This is a tricky situation. If the two of you are still together but the relationship is in serious trouble sex can bring you closer together. If you've already broken up though sex is definitely not the answer. It's not going to get him back in fact it's going to completely cheapen your efforts. If you've broken up and want to get your ex boyfriend back you need to keep dangling that carrot for a little while and really make him work for it.



This is a little known secret when it comes to the psychology of getting your guy back. He doesn't want a “sure thing.” He wants a real woman that appreciates him and expects to be appreciated in return. He's not looking for a “go to girl” from you and if he is you need to stand strong and firm and put him properly in his place. You want to work things out but not at the cost of sacrificing your self respect or allowing him to see you as anything less than a woman that is completely worthy of his respect, admiration, and love. He won't respect you if you freely offer something he knows he should be working for.

Once you work things out and you're officially back together you never want to withhold sex or any other signs of affection as a method of punishing him or he will begin to resent you and you will end up in worse shape than you were in while broken up the first time. Sex is an expression of love not a weapon or tool. Don't use it to try to fix what's broken in your relationship when you're looking for the best way. Advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back like this doesn't grow on trees so be sure you use it well.

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