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Adjustment Problems In Marriage And The Need For Marriage Counselling

It's natural for you to want a commitment from the man you love, At least that is the way it seems to you. You dream of a home and family with him and begin sharing your dreams with your boyfriend. However the idea of a commitment may could bring pictures of a different scene to a man. To your ex boyfriend it means the loss of his freedom and being saddled with a mortgage and the responsibility of educating the children.

This is especially true if you air your dreams too soon after the dating begins. You might have already decided that he is the man for you, but he is still making his mind up about you. When this happens a man will decide that the best thing to do is to stay away from you for a while. But if you don't panic and play your cards right, you can still pull your ex boyfriend back.


If you want to get things started with him again, you can't push him any farther away. Since you know that the reason he is avoiding you is because you came on too strong too fast, you have to ease off. That might not be easy because you will be afraid of losing him for good. However, you don't have much of a choice. Fortunately, you know what sparked his interest in you to begin with.

Your ex boyfriend is afraid to take your phone calls because he figures you will still be in the marriage mood, so you need to try a different angle. Send a couple of chatty text and tell him of something that happened to a mutual friend or something funny that happened to you. Be sure the text have the same tone you would use with a friend. Then ease off again for a few days before you text him again.

You have given your ex boyfriend time to think and when you show that you do not have romantic ideas, he may think he misjudged you. He will remember the fun you had together and think it is safe to give it another try. This is when you text him again and ask him if he would like to get together and catch up on what has been happening since you last saw each other.

Your ex boyfriend should not be afraid to meet you for coffee since he can make a break for it if he chooses. If he accepts, it should go without saying that you want to look your very best. In addition to pushing his hot buttons with the way you look, what you say and how you act when you meet your ex will be of utmost importance.

Keep everything light and cheerful. Definitely do not mention the word love. You want to show him a more relaxed, carefree woman who is not setting a trap for him. If he feels more comfortable around you, he may want to start dating you again.

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