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Why does your ex boyfriend keep rejecting your attempts to tell him how much you still love him? Just a short time ago, he was saying how much he loved you all of the time. What can cause such a change in a man? The answer could be that you are not showing him any respect. He might have told you that he needed to think about some things, but you keep pestering him with text and phone calls.

Another answer would be that you are making yourself too available. Your friends and family have probably told you to let him go and move on with your life, but you don't listen to them. All you can think of is some other woman getting his attention and he will be gone for good. This causes you to make all the mistakes that drive a man away instead of pulling him back.


You should stop thinking only of what you want and see that your ex boyfriend has some rights too. Why would you want someone who doesn't want you anyway, since unless there is love on both sides a relationship won't work. Every time you start badgering him, your ex loses a little more respect for you. To get him back, he has to respect you as well as love you.

Think back to the advise your friends and family gave you because it is good male psychology. Men always want what is difficult to get. It give them inspiration and a challenge. Next look back to how you got your man in the first place. You made him think you were not interested in him and that provided an inspiration and a challenge. That should tell you how to get your ex back. You have to make him think you are no longer interested in him.

This means that you have to ignore him and find other things to occupy your time. Take up a new hobby, throw yourself into your work or classes or do volunteer work. When you find other interests your mind will not be so concerned with your ex boyfriend and you will actually find yourself smiling again. However, ignoring your ex will have the opposite effect on him.

It is really embarrassing to a guy when his ex girlfriend acts like he no longer exists. His friends will start kidding him about it, but more than that he will wonder why you stopped loving him. You will be getting inside his head and pushing his emotional hot buttons. When that happens, your ex boyfriend will be challenged to get you back.

Suddenly he will find you on his mind constantly and he will want to see your smile and hear your voice. He will lose sleep, have bad dreams at night and wake up in a sweat from seeing you in another man's arms. Instead of rejecting your love, he will be desperate to get your love back and start chasing you again.

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