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Since the breakup, you wonder why you ever thought you were in love with your ex boyfriend because everything he does seems to be intended to hurt you. How could a man who had been so attentive and caring to you suddenly turn into such a jerk? You thought you knew him, but you really must have been fooled. You know that it would be best to just forget him, but something won't allow you to let him go.

If this is happening to you after a breakup, you are asking the same questions that many women find themselves confronted with. However, it shouldn't be any great mystery. All you have to do is look at yourself and you will see that your emotions are sky-high. Your ex boyfriend has emotions too and although his are running at an all-time-high, your ex will fight hard not to show them. His way of expressing the pain he is feeling is to hurt you.


Although you want to sit down and talk to him in a sensible matter, he realizes that making any sense of things right now would be futile. You would start crying and that would make him uncomfortable, but instead of trying to soothe your feelings, he would lash out at you. It is not that he wants to look like a jerk, but feeling vulnerable goes against his male genes and you become the target of his frustration.

It will be hard to do, but you can't take his insults in a personal way. Look at it as his way of getting back at you for the hurt he is feeling. Deep down he hates himself for causing you more pain, but if you stay in contact with him, he will continue to hurt you. The only way you can stop being hurt is to stay away from him and don't let anything he does bother you.

He might even start dating other women and make sure you know about it. This won't mean that he is in love with them, however he feels he is showing you that others find him attractive. You might think that two can play the same game and date other men, but if you still love him and want him back, you should not do anything that will make things worse.

The best move you can make when your ex boyfriend is acting like a jerk is to stay out of his sight. Give him a chance to get over his anger and he may become ashamed of the way he acted. If he is still in love with you, your ex boyfriend will come to his senses and tell you he is sorry for being such a jerk. If he doesn't, you are better off without him. Either way you will avoid losing your self esteem and dignity.

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