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What is Text Your Ex Back all about?

Text Your Ex Back is targeted towards those broken hearted souls who break up with their partners, only to find out later that they want them back. But they don't know how exactly to get them back.


Are you one of them? If you are, then you might be facing such typical situations:
You want to call your ex, but don't know what to say.
Your ex doesn't answer your calls.
Worse, your ex disconnects your calls!
Of course, there's no question of your ex ever returning your calls.

In such a scenario, you always have one option left for you: text messaging. There's almost a 100% chance that your ex will at least read your text messages.

Think of yourself: if you were ever angry or upset with someone and refused to see them or take their calls, didn't you at least read their text messages?

The Text Your Ex Back ebook suggests trying out the exact same strategy to get your girl or guy back.

Some of the topics the Text Your Ex Back ebook covers are:

What text messages to send in which situation.
The right time to send particular text messages.
What text a woman should write to a man, and vice versa.
What to say and do after your ex starts to respond to your messages.
What you should do to keep your ex for good after he/she has come back to you.

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But what's so different about the text messages taught in this system?

Taking account of your particular situation (i.e., a breakup with your partner), your text messages will need to have a twist to them. After all, you'll be sending them with a purpose, an intention. And your intention is to get your ex back.

You can't send just any kind of text message and expect your ex to come running to your arms. And even a single mistake can be critical – even the slightest error on your part can turn the tables entirely against you.

So you need to know exactly WHAT types of text messages to send, and WHEN to send them.

Some of the things the Text Your Ex Back ebook will teach you:

  • How to format your text messages in such a way that your ex will actually regret the breakup and may even start to feel guilty about it.
  • How to make your ex remember why they fell in love with you in the first place, and the positive qualities in you that had once attracted them to you.
  • How to slowly increase your momentum and bring the situation right up to a seductive level. You actually start using powerful and proven seductive techniques to make your ex want you again – this time a little desperately.

    But let me warn you – with all the hype created by Text Your Ex Back (especially on the internet), one would think that this program teaches some sort of newly discovered magical formula that will pull your ex back to you like a magic charm. But I certainly can't agree with that.

    I'd rather say that this system shows you how to play a sort of mental and emotional game with your ex. What's taught here are psychological tactics you can use to your advantage, but certainly not magic spells.

    But if you sincerely follow the techniques taught in the Text Your Ex Back system, then all the odds should be in your favour. It should be you who holds the strings and controls the shots.

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