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When he was in love with you, it was the most happy time of your life. But when he broke up with you, your ex boyfriend took all of the joy out of your life and if you don't get him back you feel there will never be another happy day for you. If this is the way you are feeling, go to the mirror and look at yourself. You are a good person and don't deserve to be treated the way your ex is treating you.

Chances are that your ex is only playing an ego game and seeing to what extremes you will go to get him back. He probably is still in love with you at this time, however men are fickle and if you keep lowering yourself, he may lose respect for you. Keeping his respect is a big part of making your ex boyfriend want you again and showing neediness is the fastest way you can lose his respect.


You have to show him that you can be strong and the best way to do that is to text him and offer an apology. Don't beg or try to explain, just say you are sorry if you hurt him and make it your last attempt to communicate with your ex boyfriend. Offering an apology is not a sign of weakness because it shows you are strong enough to admit that you could have been wrong.

However if you keep whining and saying you are sorry the apology loses it's effect. When your ex boyfriend doesn't have anymore communication from you after the apology, he will be confused. He thought that you would continue to badger him, but now he will wonder if the apology was your way of saying goodbye to him.

When he broke up with you, this is not what he intended at all. Something hurt him and he thought by breaking up with you, he would cause you to be sorry, but he never intended to lose you for good. When he received your apology, he thought he had been successful and he might have been ready to come back to you. But if you take him back too soon, a pattern will be set and he will always feel that if something displeases him, he can just run off and sulk.

This will make you come after him and his ego will swell. That is no way to have a relationship because he will always be the one in control and you will be afraid to upset him. By apologizing and then moving on, the pattern will be broken and you will gain control. Making your ex boyfriend feel that he needs you more than you need him is not being cruel, it is simply using male psychology.

It's a simple truth that girls mature faster than boys and the only way you can keep your boyfriend is by keeping the control until he grows up and appreciates you. Always keep in mind that you are dealing with a small boy and you will know how to treat your man.

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