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Advice For Someone In A Bad Relationship

You didn't think a random text message to your ex girlfriend every now and again would hurt, did you? But now you've discovered that she's gone from taking hours to respond to not responding to you at all. You're frustrated, you're worried and you've convinced yourself that it all means that she's never coming back to you. There are very specific reasons why your ex girlfriend never texts you back. Until you fully understand them, you're not going to see the true value in forgetting her phone number for awhile. If you want the woman back, you have to back off and resist the urge to text her for no reason. It's truly that simple and straightforward.

Give Her Time to Get Over You


Break ups can be devastating. No two people process and absorb the end of a relationship in the same manner, even if they were deeply in love. Your ex girlfriend has to get over the broken relationship before she can move forward. This is true regardless of whether she wants to eventually get back together with you or not.

If you're constantly trying to get her to interact with you via text message, she's going to eventually resent you for it. In her eyes, you aren't giving her the space and time she needs. That's why she has stopped responding to you when you try and reach out.

As scary as it is to walk away from her for a few weeks, you absolutely must do it. If you don't feel you can resist the temptation to send her a text message, delete her number from your phone. You will be grateful that you did this when she thanks you for giving her some much needed space.

Start Living Your Life Again

As much as women will tell you that they want you to move on after a break up, truthfully there's a small part of them that wants you to put your life on hold until the relationship issues are resolved. Almost every woman wants to imagine her ex boyfriend sitting at home, nursing a beer and crying over what he lost. The fairytale after a break up in a woman's mind always involves the man rushing back to her, falling on his knees and proclaiming his undying love.

That's why you have to do everything within your power not to fall into that expected stereotype. If you follow one bit of advice it should be that your ex girlfriend will want you back more if you act as though you're over her. It's true.

You need to get out and live. Have fun and embrace your life again. It's not advisable that you start playing the field but there's absolutely no harm in flirting with different women. If you and your ex girlfriend still hang out in the same circles and you happen to cross paths while out one night, give her a friendly nod, but don't wander over to talk to her. Instead, find an attractive woman within eyeshot of your ex and talk with her.

Yes, this is playing a game, but it's a game that gives you a distinct advantage when it comes to getting your ex girlfriend to want you back again.

Mimic Her Behavior

The easiest rule to follow when you want to get your ex girlfriend to text you back is to follow her lead. In other words, if she refuses to answer your text messages, you need to stop sending them. If she has stopped returning your voicemail messages, don't call her again.

Your ex girlfriend does need time to decide what is best for her and if you're unable to give her the space to do that, you're going to find that she tires of you quickly. She can't know what her life is truly like without you if you're always just a text message away.

When she does finally text you, don't respond immediately. Be prepared for her first text message to be about something generic or unimportant. She might ask if she left a scarf at your place or if you heard some gossip about a mutual friend. Wait a few hours to respond and then simply treat her as you would any other acquaintance. Don't tell her it's great to hear from her or you've missed her. Just keep the text short, cordial and wish her a good day.

Your indifference will bite her emotionally. She'll realize you've pulled away and there's a real risk of losing you. Once that happens, expect a sudden flood of text messages all indicating that she'd love to get together to talk.

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