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Having the man you love say he wants to end your relationship can be like a kick in the heart. It might have been a nasty breakup with each of you saying things you now regret. Looking back, you can't see of any way the two of you can be a couple again. Yet you still love him and long to feel his arms around you like before. Of course this is after all of the anger and hurt have had time to fade.

At the time of the breakup, you were so hurt and angry that you never wanted to see your ex again. In fact, you wondered why you ever loved him in the first place. These thoughts are normal when a relationship falls apart, but love does not die so easily. Soon the anger and pain is replaced with thoughts of the good times you had together and wanting them back.


However, you feel there is not much chance of making up with your ex boyfriend because of all the hurtful things you said to him. But, if your ex still loves you, he could be having the same feelings you are having. He may be missing you as much as you are missing him. The problem could be that neither of you wants to make the first move for fear of being rejected and hurt again.

However if you saw some clues that your ex wanted you back, it would give you the confidence to approach him and you might find a way to work out the problem that led to the breakup. When the time is right your ex boyfriend will begin sending out clues and you don't want to miss them. But you don't want to be so anxious to get him back that you will see things that are not there either.

If two people are in love and really want to be together, there is always a way of doing it. Here are clues that will tell you your ex boyfriend wants you back:

1. Since most men have big ego's and hate to be rejected, your ex boyfriend will not just call you and ask you to forgive him. He will first try to find out how you feel about him and if you have found someone else. This might lead him to ask your mutual friends about whether you are dating anyone and if you ever talk about your ex.

2. You will be surprised to get a text from your ex boyfriend asking how you are doing. This will be his way of finding out if you will communicate with him, but don't get too excited. You want to answer his text, however take a couple of days before answering. Do not mention the word love or how much you miss him. Just say it was good to hear from him and that you are doing fine and hope he is doing fine too.

3. He will call and say that you need to talk . Again don't be too anxious. Tell him you are pretty busy, but you will call him back in a few days to arrange a meeting. By waiting a few days, you will have time to prepare yourself because this meeting could determine whether you get your ex boyfriend back or you go your separate ways.

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