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The pain of breaking up with a loved one can be just too much. If you loved your boyfriend with all your heart, sometimes you have to get past issues like who caused the break up and why you broke up and make him want to love you more than ever. Try to win your ex boyfriend back because he might be wanting you back. If you truly think that the two of you were meant to be together and it is a mistake that you are now apart, the following are tips to help you get your ex back.

The fact that he is now your ex boyfriend implies that there is a reason to that, and therefore it is upon you to try and erase the reason that caused you to break up with him out of his mind. Maybe he is just out there dating other women not because he loves them but he needs someone to be with, and right now you are not there for him. He may be still thinking about you because he loves you, but he is reluctant to be the first one to ask you to get back together with him maybe because he is afraid of your recent behavior.


Some of the behaviors that might have caused your boyfriend to break up include attitude changes. Guys do not like ladies who have got a bad attitude and therefore you will need to see if you might have developed some attitude off late that is repelling to him. If that is the case, you will need to work on it and try to be the person he first fell in love with. If he loved you for who you were then, why change yourself and risk losing him for life?

Or maybe you might have thought lowly of him with the idea that there are other guys out there who are better than him. But after breaking up with him, you realized that no other guy can be able to match his qualities and now you want to get back together with him. He may be still in love with you, or he maybe not. Whether he still loves you or he doesn't, you want to get back with him since you have realized just how much you love him because he is special. Well, it all lies in your power. If he loved you once, he can still love you again. If you are the one who faltered in the relationship you just have to prove to him that you have realized your mistakes and you would like to give that relationship another chance.

If he is the one who broke up with you, you need to make him feel terrible for letting you go. Do not go spying and stalking him everywhere including his facebook page, but just make him recall all the good times you had together, and make him feel and imagine how life could be so nice for the both of you if you were still together now.

Like I mentioned earlier, the power to get your ex back lies within you. It is up to you to take the right steps towards getting him if you really want him back. And remember, he might also be wanting you back!

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