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If you have been dating a guy for some time and things were going along smoothly, you were probably thinking of a long and happy future with him. You dreamed of the home you would have and what a good father he would be to the children. You had told your girlfriends that you thought he was ready to make a commitment and they were waiting for the big announcement. Then he said he needed a break.

You might be having a hard time understanding how your ex boyfriend could say he loves you and never wants to be without you one minute and say he needs a break the next. How can he love you and then suddenly want to stop dating for a while? Now he won't even talk things over with you. This can make any woman lose her emotional cool, but that is not what will get your ex back.


There could be several reasons for his actions, and if you still love him and want him back, you have to let him have his break. Most of the reasons men run when it gets close to commitment time is psychological. The male of most species is the hunter and roamer. They want the security of a home, but do not want to lose their freedom.

He could be from a broken home or seen other kids that had come from a home where the was constant arguing over money and saw the love between the two parents slowly die. The parents were unhappy and so were the children. He doesn't want to take the chance of his marriage ending up like that, but he doesn't want to tell you that he is afraid.

Although he loves you and does not want to be without you, he feels trapped. This makes him say he needs a break because he has some deep thinking to do. You might think it seems selfish to expect you to sit around and wait while he makes his decision, and it is. You might also be thinking what you can do if he decides he doesn't want to make a commitment.

The best way you might be able to get him to change his mind and take a chance on marriage is to let him see what his life is like without you. Let him go and start making a life without him. You had a life before you met him and you can have a life without him now. You have family and friends who will show you compassion and help you through this troubling time.

When he sees you might be moving on without him it will push his emotional hot buttons and make your ex boyfriend realize how much he loves and misses you. Thinking of you with another man will set a fire under him and he will come running back ready to tie the knot. Some times men have to be shown what they are about to lose in order to make them act.

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