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From his actions since the breakup, you are sure your ex boyfriend doesn't want you back. You have tried to contact him in every way possible, but he still ignores you. But, you can't stop thinking of the good times you had together and you wonder why he wouldn't miss them too. The truth is, your ex boyfriend does think of the good things you used to do together and he probably wants you back.

You will no doubt say to that, “Then why does he continue to ignore me?” To understand that, you have to know what makes men tick. What turns them on and what turns them off. You have said you are sorry for anything you did to hurt him and told him repeatedly of your undying love for him. So why won't your ex boyfriend pay any attention to your pleas?


Did you ever stop to think about how he views what you are doing? When you show yourself to be needy and out of control, do you think that is very appealing to him? This sort of thing might work in a love story, but not in real life. The woman he fell in love with was strong and independent, so why would he want a woman that is a weak emotional mess?

In general, men are a happy type of person. They don't want problems and they will run away from someone who is weak and needy. That's the way you are appearing to your ex boyfriend right now and he is staying as far from you as he can. To pull him back towards you, it will be necessary to become the woman he fell in love with again. This doesn't mean that you can send him a text and promise to change. You will have to show that you are the woman he fell in love with again.

The first thing you will have to do is stop begging him to love you again. You have to stop trying to get him to listen to your pleas and show him you can live without him. Isn't that the way you were when he met you? When a woman becomes less available, a man's interest immediately is aroused. The more the challenge, the more he will go after you.

It's a lot like fishing. You have to show the right bait to make the fish get hooked. The bait that will hook your ex boyfriend is letting him see the woman he fell in love with again. Drop out of sight for a while and get your emotions settled down. Then go get a new hair style and shop for some hot new clothes. Next you have to show off the woman he fell in love with.

Get some friends together and go out on the town. Make sure you stop at places you know your ex boyfriend will be and let him get a good look at you. Stay only long enough for him to get a good look at you and he will come after the bait. Now you have to be like a good fisherman and not make the bait too easy to get. The more you make your ex come after you, the harder he will be hooked.

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