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Things can look pretty dark after a breakup. All of your hopes and dreams of a happy life with the man you love seem shattered beyond repair. At least this is the way it looks when your heart has been broken by the ex boyfriend that you still love. But you can't get your ex back by sitting around and reliving the past. It's time to start using male psychology to make him love you again.

The process of making a man do what you wish is very easy if you know how he thinks. There are so many ways that you can pull him back to you like a magnet draws a piece of metal. The nice thing about this is that it doesn't take any special schooling because practically every woman has this ability. However, you do have to clear your mind of all the confusion caused by the breakup and stop pushing him any farther away.


It's a matter of using male psychology and you already used it to make your ex boyfriend chase you in the beginning. The problem started when you fell too deeply in love and started smothering him with that love. You stopped being an individual and tried to do whatever he liked and that caused your ex boyfriend to stop seeing you as someone special.

A man wants know that you love him, but saying it too often will push him away. What make a man keep coming back is the thought that he has to win your love. Once you are no longer a challenge, he may start looking somewhere else. The best way to become a challenge to him again and pull him back into your arms is to use male psychology and make your ex think you don't want him anymore.

As a woman all of this might sound confusing because you want your man to chase you and show his affection by sending gifts and flowers. But, men don't think that way about you chasing them. Your ex sees it as losing your dignity and it makes him feel uncomfortable. That's why he rejects you. There might be a good reason that he needs some time to himself and badgering him to talk to you is not showing much respect for his feelings.

By accepting the breakup and going on with your life with the appearance of enjoying being single again, you will be showing him that you are still the strong, independent and special woman that he fell in love with. Seeing you that way again will make him wonder why he let you go. Since male psychology will tell you that men always go after something they think they are losing, your ex should soon be chasing you again.

When that happens, you need to disappear for a while and make him wonder if you are with another man. Visit some relatives or friends that you have been neglecting. When your ex boyfriend sees you again he will be ready to drop on his knees and beg you to forgive him.

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