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So, you finally decided to go pursue your ex girlfriend and have her back into your life once more. But how are you supposed to do it? Well, you've got to know the strategies that will effectively and easily get her back into your life – right to the place where she really belongs. Once you learn the keys to a woman's psychology, working out how to get her back is going to a very easy thing to do. At least, easier than you might have originally thought.

The first important step is to play it cool. After going through a major fight with your girl, don't get too driven by your emotions. You may want to cry or hit at something. You may want to lash out at somebody (anybody will do) and shout abusive words in an effort to make you feel better and channel your angst. All of these are natural reactions after a break up. But try hard to keep yourself cool, calm and collected. This might sound very pious and academic, especially coming from someone not directly involved in your affairs. However, if you want to get her back into your arms (and your life), don't allow yourself to spiral downward into an emotional breakdown. That won't do anyone, particularly you and the woman you love, any good. Remember, you can accomplish a whole lot more with a clear mind and a positive and optimistic attitude.


Never ever pursue your ex girlfriend while you are irrational and are in a heated and worked up state. It is especially important not to act this way during the time when all emotions are too high. Give her the peace and solitude that she wants. Sufficient breathing space is vital for her and for objective self-examination when it comes to both parties. She will eventually get out of the space that you allotted for her. Just be sure that you're just outside and waiting for her with arms wide open when she does. That's also the best time to patch things up and begin the journey (no matter how long and emotionally delicate it may be) to make everything pretty again.

A lot of men find it hard to say sorry. But you've got to swallow that pride and ask for an apology from the woman you love. You have to do it if you really want to know how to get her back. However, don't go overboard and give her empty promises. You'll just be hurting her even more if you can't keep your words again. Instead, assure her that you'll love her much better this time around. Nothing speaks louder than deeds. In this regard, she may want to see some evidence that you've turned a corner and can put your money where your mouth is, so to speak.

If your ex girlfriend is still not responsive after doing all these, you might have to start from scratch again and woo her. Be friends with her, court her, and make her feel special. Always be around when she needs somebody. Eventually, she'll realize that getting back with you is the best thing that she can do for herself.

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