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Sometimes a subtle hint is all you really need when it comes to tips on how to get your ex back. But, there are other times when you really need to bring out the heavy artillery and pour on the charm in order to get your ex to give you a second chance.

Love is definitely worth a little effort to make it work out well for you. The trick lies in knowing what kind of effort you need to make to get the attention of your ex in a good way.


You've tried begging, pleading, tears, and even a little bit of stalking to get your ex's attention and learned the hard way that these things don't work. Or worse, they succeed in pushing your ex further in the other direction.

Now it's time to bring out the heavy artillery and say goodbye to the tactics of yesterday.

So, what tips on how to get your ex back should you put into play?

Get Your Ex to Notice You

This is the first step. Without doing this first there isn't much you can do that is going to matter. You can make your ex notice you quickly by making drastic changes (for the better) in your appearance. This will get that initial double take affect you're going for. A wide range of things can lead to the new look you need. Consider a makeover, new hair style, changing your hair color, teeth whitening, acne treatments, weight loss, new wardrobe, and even new glasses. If you do several of these things he is probably going to be curious about what else you've changed too.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Once your ex stops to notice you, takes that second look, or gives you a call you must face the difficult part. It's so easy to get carried away by emotion (hurt feelings and anger can make us say things we really don't mean). Don't let this happen to you. Be very mindful of the words you use to avoid pointing fingers, laying blame, or making any sort of accusations that might turn your ex back around and out of your life. Start with small talk. Be positive. Then take baby steps in the direction you want to go.

Tell Your Ex What You Really Want

While you don't want to run your ex off you do want to get your ex to move in the direction of getting back together with you. Otherwise, why on earth would you be reading these tips on how to get your ex back, right? Tell your ex you'd like to start over and ask your ex out for coffee or ice cream (something quick and non-threatening that your ex will have a hard time saying no to). Starting over is much easier to get than going back to the way things were and it gives you the opportunity to make things so much better this time around.

Do you know what the biggest weapon you have in your arsenal is? It's the love your ex still has for you. Use it wisely.

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