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Getting a boyfriend back after a breakup is not as hard as it might seem. In fact, most relationships can be patched up if the right tactics are used. This includes having the right attitude and using your smarts. Any woman can go crying, begging and chasing after an ex boyfriend. The problem is, that is exactly what he expects you to do and he is all set to reject and hurt you some more.

But, if you don't let him know how much you love him, how are you going to get your ex back? The problem is, the more you chase him the farther he will pull away. At first your pleading is flattering to him and inflates his ego. However, it will soon make him see you as needy and he will lose his respect for you. What started out as only breaking up with you because he was irritated can become serious trouble.


Quite often breakups happen without much thought. You say or do something and your ex goes into a pout and runs away to hide like a small boy in a pout. If he is left alone to think and realize what he has done, he will come running back. Staying in his face will only enlarge the problem and might make the breakup permanent. So, when should you make first contact?

The answer to that is – never. He is the one who got all upset about something and instead of talking about it, he ran away. If you try to get him to talk now, he will keep refusing. He has his pride and once he has made up his mind to end the relationship only one thing will change it. You have to let him see what his life is like without you and realize he made a mistake.

Your ex boyfriend won't admit he made a mistake and if you try to make him say he is sorry, you will fail. Men have to feel that what they are doing is their own idea. They can't be reasoned with or talked into doing something. Your best weapon in getting your ex back is patience. If you just let him go, it will spark his interest because it is the opposite of what he expects.

He will wonder why you are not trying to get him back and as the days pass without any word from you, he will begin to have doubts about his decision. He will wonder what you are doing and if you are with some other guy. Your ex boyfriend will start recalling all of the good times you had together and want them back. He will realize he doesn't want to lose you and that he needs to tell you he is sorry.

This is using male psychology to get inside his head and cause him to feel the loss of you.Your ex will stop acting like a small boy in a pout and see that he needs you in his life. By not having any contact with him, you will make him be the one to make the first contact. That is the way it should be because he was the one who caused the breakup.

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