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They say “Love is sweeter the second time around.” Make your ex-boyfriend be part of your future. Here are four (4) sure ways to get started in winning him all over again.

1. Prepare for the encounter. Preparation is key to success. Regardless if you've been separated for two weeks, a month or a year, you're bound to see each other sooner or later. Therefore, it is best to learn the art of being prepared.


  • Where and when does it happen? It's important that you contemplate how you will meet – it has to be in a place where you are both familiar with and have shared fun memories together. Use your past to your advantage so he would take a trip down the memory lane. As for the timing, choose either a significant date, a time when he least expects it or when you feel you are emotionally ready to face him. Create a perfect scenario that would give you an edge. Remember that the meeting should appear accidental and not in the least, planned.
  • What words to say? How you handle your first conversation after the break-up can be truly awkward. Therefore, keep it light and simple. Do not go into details why you broke up. Inform him through your actions that you miss his friendship and camaraderie.
  • How you look? Now this is where the battle begins. Your appearance can make or break his “first-second” impression. Let's admit it. Men immediately take notice of a woman's physical attributes. Hence, work towards getting a better version of your old self. Be hot and provocative without being too obvious. If you do it right, you can get his attention, up the attraction level and make human pheromones take control.

2. Be sincere when you hit the dangerous ground. Talking about what went wrong is inevitable. When that moment happens, accept your mistakes and apologize sincerely for your faults. Never resort to begging or trying to win his affection by being a crybaby. Be understanding when you hear his side. Show that you are a mature person who is very much in control of her emotions. Leave him an impact that you are independent and self-confident, and that your life is taking a new direction. If love is still there, he'd be especially attentive and would like to be part of your new world. After the heavy part is over, move back to a light-hearted topic. If the situation calls for it, you can casually invite him to a group event to prove that all is good. The trick here is to be as casual about the entire episode as possible.

3. Let your body language speak for itself. Be subtle when you convey that you are still interested – laugh at his jokes, be extra charming, flirt a little! Let the pheromones do their work. If he's really into you, he would translate every signal you express positively. However, never ever tell him directly that you want him back. While this could cut the chase and bring you in each other's arms immediately, there is no guarantee that this wouldn't be just a one-night thing for him. You wouldn't want that, would you?

4. Challenge his manhood. The secret lies behind letting him do the chasing. If he invites you over to dinner, do not be too eager. Tell him you're busy so he'd think of ways to woo you again. If he gives initial tell-tale signs that he still cares about you, do not make a big deal out of it right away. Let him realize that you're getting over him. This would drive him to pursue you more. Inspire jealousy. Be careful though for it can backfire on you. Enjoy and have fun. Do not stay too focused on him or you'll end up a madwoman.

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