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All relationships start out great. If they didn't, neither one of you would hang around long enough to make it a relationship. But then things can go from great happiness to heartbreak almost in an instant. Oh, there might be a few lovers quarrels and you might not speak to each other for a few days, but you always make up. So, what happens to make the man you love slip away for good?

When a breakup occurs and you are left wondering what happened, your first thought will be that your ex boyfriend stopped loving you. However, the opposite might be true. Your ex might be the one who is not feeling loved and that made him decide to move on. Men are much more sensitive than most women realize and once he feels that he is not loved and appreciated, he will leave.


The reason your man was attracted to you in the first place, aside from the obvious physical reasons, was that you made him feel special. He felt that you loved him for who and what he was in spite of his faults. He was right, you did love him for who and what he was. However, you were also aware of his faults and you planned to change him and make him get rid of these faults as soon as you were sure of him.

Trying to change a man can be a very serious mistake, especially after he thinks you have accepted him the way he is. Your ex boyfriend was well aware of his faults, but he was comfortable with himself. When you started finding fault and nagging at little things he did, he became confused and thinks you do not love him anymore.

Your man might try to change at first, but as you keep complaining he decides he can't do anything to please you. He doesn't fall out of love with you, but he doesn't want to keep making you happy so he gradually pulls away, until you look up one day and he is gone. The sad part of all of this is that you can usually rid a man of the things that irritate you and show him he is loved and keep him happy too.

When a man does something they don't like, many women will be quick to let them know it, but if he does good things, they accept it as something he should do. If criticism and nagging will drive a man away, it should be clear that doing the opposite will keep him. Make it a point to praise your man when he when he does something to please you. He wants to make you happy, so you can actually train him to do the things that please you and avoid those that displease you.

Making your ex boyfriend feel loved and appreciated will cause him to feel comfortable in your relationship and he will never want to leave.All it takes is understanding and patience and he will stop doing the things that annoy you and work harder to become the man you want him to be.

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