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Relationship issues are major causes of stressful lives among many people, men and women alike. One of the many issues that counselors have had to deal with mostly is women wanting to find out ways of how to get their ex back, how to make it work, and stuff. Even though it depends on the kind of relationship two people have, in most cases broken relationships are caused by one disgruntled party as opposed to parties agreeing on mutual consent. Out of despair women take different steps, some often weird just to get their ex back. To begin with, calling someone your ex in the first place means you had a thing going and you once shared interests. This also means that you both understand each other and can accommodate each other.

This article will look at both dos and don'ts when looking to bring back your ex.



Respect them for who they are. You both understand the reasons behind your break up and therefore respecting the choices of one another is a noble thing to do. Show concern and care. You may try checking out how your ex is doing through a text message or a call once in a while. However, make sure you don't overdo it because that will translate to being desperate. Eventually your actions will get him thinking of what he is missing and the kind of caring person you are.

Apologize even when he's on the wrong. Do not hesitate to say that you are sorry for what happened even if your man was clearly on the wrong. It is hard for men to say they are sorry.

Buy him a gift. You have been with him before and so you know his interests correctly. How about sacrificing a few dollars to buy him a gift that you know he will love.

Do let him know that you miss him and let it be occasional.


Do not stalk him. If you want your ex back, kindly do not ever stalk your man. He will hate you instead.

Even when you are calling or texting to see how your man is doing, do not get too much because that one might back down on you. Some women will call in as late as midnight in the name of 'checking him out.' This is wrong and can cause more harm than good.

Do not ever disrespect or insult him. Even when things are not going on well between you and your ex, show him respect by staying away from his paths. Out of despair some women will end up venting their frustration by sending ugly text messages and this is gross.

Never visit him unannounced. No matter how much you want your boyfriend back, give him his space. Visiting him in his house or office unannounced could have negative effects because he might think you are trying to monitor him. Whenever you want to visit him, make a call to seek his approval but do not force things if he is uncomfortable with it. By practicing all of these and getting to know more on how to get him back will help you regenerate the love you both shared once again.

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