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Since your boyfriend broke up with you, everybody you run into has probably given you advise. You can also find plenty of advise about getting your ex back on the Internet and in magazines. All of it seem to revolve around the same theme, you have to let him go and stop having any contact with him. Of course, that's easier said than done, with all of the modern communication methods such as text and email.

Every time you pick up your cell phone or start up your computer, the temptation is there. Using the phone is a little different because you can be humiliated by your ex hanging up on you, but you can text and get what you want to say off your chest without any fear of your ex hanging up on you. However, as far as he is concerned you are still violating his privacy and he will be irritated.


If you keep pounding him with text, your ex boyfriend is going to lose all respect for you and you will never get him back. You are in practically the same position as an alcoholic. You want to quit, but the temptation is too great, which means you have to do the same as an alcoholic does and take it one day at a time and get help because this can be more than you can fight alone.

Your relatives and best friend will be happy to help you. But you have to make it clear that you are trying to keep from having any contact with your ex boyfriend and you are having a problem with the temptation to text or email him. You will find that they will be glad to have you text or email them and they will carry on a conversation with you or spend time with you to get your mind off your ex.

Finding other interests like taking up a hobby, concentrating more on your job or doing volunteer work can keep your mind occupied and help ease the temptation to contact your ex boyfriend. Tell yourself that everyday you go without contacting the man you love, you are pulling him back to you. This is true because soon he will feel that you are deliberately ignoring him and men can't stand the thought of their ex girlfriend ignoring them.

As soon as your ex boyfriend realizes that you are moving on with your life without him, it will put a new slant on the breakup. He will feel as though you have somehow managed to dump him and he will be embarrassed. Suddenly he will be the one with the urge to call or text you. He will probably be a little sly about it and send a text asking you if he left a sweater or something at your place. This will only be to see how fast you will answer him.

Hold out and make him call. When your ex boyfriend calls treat him like an old friend and if he asks if you still love him, tell him you will always care for him, but don't mention the word love. It won't take him long to see that the breakup was a mistake and he will be doing his best to get you back.

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