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You sit and remember the wonderful dates you had with your ex boyfriend and long to hear his voice, his laugh and his arms around you. After a breakup, it can seem that these things will never happen again. But it could be only days away from happening again. All you have to do is learn these expert tips to get your ex back.

However, you should not only be thinking of the good times, but the bad things that occurred in the relationship. Being lonely can cause you to forget any ill treatment you might have received at the hands of the man you love. In fact you might even think it was you who caused him to become angry and mistreat you. You might think time apart has changed him, but it's not likely.


Before you begin trying to get your ex boyfriend back, stop and think if this is the best for you. But, if the only problems in the relationship was an occasional spat, then you are right to want your ex back. Getting your ex to start dating you again, could be easier than you think. In fact at this very moment he might be wondering if you would date him again.

Getting a date with an ex boyfriend is not like looking for or meeting someone new. You already have experience with him, You know what turns him on and what turns him off, so you are ahead of the game to start. Another big plus would be if the two of you are still on a friendly basis and see each other now and then at parties or the home of a mutual friend.

You can enlist these mutual friends in your cause to start dating your ex again. Let them know how you feel and they will be sure to pass it on to your ex boyfriend. People love to be matchmakers, especially women. Of course if you have not seen or had any contact with him since the breakup, your task of getting him to date you again might not be as easy.

We live in a new age and women do not have to play the part of a shy maiden anymore. But, you don't want to be too forward either. Some men do not like for a woman to be too aggressive. The best way to get your ex boyfriend to date you again is to make him think it is his idea. However, you do have to have contact with him again in order to start things in the right direction.

Since you know his habits and where he hangs out, it shouldn't be to hard to run into him. Make sure you look your best and do a little blatant flirting with him. This should stir up old memories and desires. He could begin to wonder why he let you go in the first place and you will be hearing from him very soon asking you for a date.

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