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Girls, if you either have been (or are in the process of being) separated from your boyfriend due to a heated argument and a hasty decision to break up and walk away, you are most likely to regret it now and could probably be very well asking yourself, “How to get my ex boyfriend back?” If you do feel that way, it could mean that you are not quite ready or prepared to let him go yet and part of you still clings to hope that you can work something out to get back together with him.

Making up and getting back with your ex partner is a serious decision to make. This is because you are choosing to let someone be a significant part of your life and you ought to put in a lot of thought and contemplation to it since it will likely influence your way of life, where you live and how you live. Assuming that you've managed to sort all of that out, here are some of the better ways to get your ex boyfriend back to give you a fighting chance.


1. Heal Yourself First And Foremost

Yes, the first most important thing you should do is to heal yourself. You can bawl your eyes out and stay in bed for 2 to 3 days at the maximum but set a time period where you are allowed to get all your emotions out and let go of that burden on your shoulders. Anyone telling you that being sad or depressed is wrong or a bad or negative thing is really not doing you and favours. As human beings these are simply normal emotions that we all have and experience when hit hard in the relationship stakes. Therefore it is natural for us to feel sad at times; especially when a close loved one is no longer at our side. Feeling sad and down in the dumps is simply part of a healing method for us to get over the pain and hurt. However, over-indulging in this and being unable to put it behind us can spell problems for emotional recovery. Therefore, while it may be easier said than done for some, go through the negative emotions by all means but don't allow yourself to wallow in them for too long before working on an answer to your quest of how to get my ex boyfriend back.

2. Forgiveness Is Divine

The second step is to forgive and let go of the bad incident of your break up. Break ups are often ugly and hurtful for anyone involved. It often involves people acting out to hurt each other without much thought just because they were blinded by rage and anger. Don't take it personally and forgive whatever hurtful words that were hurled at you. If the person was physically hurting you, forgive it as well but keep in mind that it is the other person who was clearly wrong for doing so and not you. Our reactions and behaviors to life events such as a relationship break up can often tell a lot about ourselves and other people. If your partner had reacted badly to the situation, it was possibly your partner having that behavior problem and in need of some fixing up.

3. Take The Necessary Steps To Get Closer To Him

You may very well miss your ex boyfriend and want to reinstate him back in your life every single moment but, in reality, it doesn't work that way (or seldom does). Your partner is also human and just like you, needs to go through the phase that you or anyone else would to cool down as well. Most guys prefer to be the one doing the chase first and to make the first move. You can choose to wait for him to take action or try to work your way to get back into his life. Remember, you can't just expect to enter his personal life immediately because your break up (and all that it entailed) had caused you to get a little more distant from him. What you need is to be a good friend to him at the outset of attempting a get together and work in increments at getting closer to him. If you've played your cards right chances are he'll slowly let you back into his life over a period of time.

By using the three tips above and keeping a healthy amount of self-respect and dignity for yourself you should find it one of the more informed and effective ways to answer your question of how to get back my ex boyfriend. It pays to be honest with yourself and to take some pause in order to evaluate your relationship first before getting back. There have been too many people who get back into their relationship just because they have turned into co-dependents to what could be described as destructive relationships. Gain some clarity and insight for yourself and try to see objectively if your ex boyfriend is worth the effort of getting back. If so, gently and slowly move yourself closer to him without frightening him away out of over-zealousness. If he is opening up to you, chances are, he will very likely get back together with you as long as you keep yourself properly paced, focussed on your mission and are doing it for the right reasons.

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