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Your boyfriend broke up with you and you are desperate to get him back. However, being desperate could keep you from getting the man you love back. The best way to make him want you again is to make your ex boyfriend desperate. That might sound impossible since he was the one who wanted to end the relationship, but it can be quite easy if you go about it in the right way.

In the first place, your ex probably does not want the breakup to be permanent. Something displeased him and he is only wanting to make a point. But, the breakup could become permanent if you keep showing him how needy you are. Most men want a woman who has some strength of character and can take care of themselves in an emergency.


This is probably what attracted him to you in the beginning and if you show him that you can get along just fine without him, he will be attracted to you again. Although you might be able to attract his interest again, it may not be enough to bring him running back to you. However, if you make him feel that you don't want him anymore it should change the situation completely.

Your ex boyfriend dumped you and it made you desperate, so you have to dump him. You may not want to hurt your man because you love him so much, but this is war and you have to pull out all of the stops. After all he didn't worry about your feelings when he broke up with you, did he? Besides, you aren't going to make him upset for very long because if he is still in love with you, your ex will be back in your arms in a hurry.

Just cut off all contact with him and get out with your friends and have some fun. He has always been able to contact you at anytime since your relationship began and you have to show him that you are no longer available to him. The idea is to give your ex boyfriend some time to experience what his life is like without you. It may take a couple of weeks or more for him to get the idea that you have given up on him and may that you may be ready to move on, but you have to stay strong.

You can't allow yourself to be weak and contact him in anyway. If you do, he will know that you are playing a game and your ex boyfriend will continue to ignore you. To make your ex boyfriend desperate, he must be convinced that you are done with him and ready to find another man. That will make you a challenge to him again and the old desire for you will return.

Your ex will try to contact you, but you have to be unavailable. Let him sweat a little and see how it feels to have his ex girlfriend ignore him. None of this will be easy on you, but when you feel his arms around you again and hear him say how much he loves you, it will be more than worth the effort.

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