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You never thought anything could hurt as bad as this. You feel unwanted, your heart is breaking and your emotions are a wreck. All you can think of is the man you thought would love you forever. Hoping to say something that will make him see the breakup was a mistake can make things worse. Sending text and making phone calls by the hundreds can make him more angry than he already is. Instead you have to take the proper steps to make him desire you again.

If you do what most women do at this crucial time, you will try to force your ex boyfriend to talk things out, but that could be a very bad mistake. The reason he is rejecting you is because he doesn't want to talk and by badgering him you are pushing him farther away. To get your ex back, you have to start doing the things that will pull him back into your arms. That would be to show him you can do just fine without him.


Actually you shouldn't be trying to talk to your ex at this time anyhow because you are not emotionally stable enough. Both of you are angry and hurt, so both of you are apt to say things that will later be regretted. Words once said cannot be taken back, so you are better off being apart for a while. The best thing you can do is get your emotions under control and at the same time give your ex boyfriend time to cool off.

By doing this you are using male psychology to make him want you again. When he broke up with you, your ex was sure that you were still madly in love with him. Imagine how confused he will be if you walk away and stop having any contact with him. Nothing will get under a man's skin faster than having his ex girlfriend ignore him. That will be something your ex never thought you would do.

The first thing he will feel is a blow to his ego and pride and then your ex boyfriend will wonder where you are and what you are doing. As he begins to wonder if you have found another boyfriend, the control will be slowly slipping away from him. Now he is the one who is wondering why his ex doesn't want him anymore and he will start to regret the breakup.

When he hears of you being out with your friends, your ex boyfriend will remember the good times he had with you and feel neglected and lonely. For the first time since he met you, your ex is experiencing what his life is like without you and wish he could get you back. By making your ex the one who is feeling like he was dumped, you have turned the dynamics of the breakup around.

Your ex boyfriend will be filled with desire for you again and he will do what any man will do when they want to get back something that they have lost. He will start chasing you again. Now all you have to do is what you did when he first met you. Play hard to get and when you do allow him to catch you again, never let him think he can stop chasing you.

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