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When you get caught cheating it might be embarrassing to you, but to your boyfriend it is an act of betrayal. Put yourself in his place. What if it had been the man you love who cheated on you? You would be hurt and angry and not know whether to end things permanently or give him another chance. What do you think he should do? You don't want him to dump you for good, but how can he ever trust you again?

First of all, you can't string two guys along at the same time. It's like dynamite and now it has exploded in your face. So, you have to make a choice. You regular boyfriend is hurt and might never trust you again. How about the guy you cheated with? Was it just something that happened or has it been going on for a while and this guy has some deep feelings for you too?


You are human like any of the rest of us and it is easy to be swept away in the moment and allow your emotions to get the better of you. If you had thought of the consequences, you would never have done it. However once it is done, it can't be erased. You aren't the first woman to cheat on your boyfriend, and you won't be the last. But, was it worth the price you now have to pay?

You might find that there is another problem beside trying to make your boyfriend trust you. You could come to the realization that you really have feeling for the man you cheated with and are not sure you want to drop him. This can cause a lot of confusion because you know someone is going to get hurt. In this case, you need to take some time and not make a snap judgement.

If you decide to go with the man you cheated with, you might find that he does not think of you as anymore than a booty stop. The only history you have with this man is physical, so do you really know him? You do have a history with your boyfriend and you do know him. You fell in love with him for a reason and you can't let an affair tear down what the two of you have built together.

You are the only one who can choose your path, but if you do decide to mend things with your boyfriend, don't be too fast to do it. You need to take some time to yourself and make sure you are making the right decision. If you decide to try to get your ex boyfriend back, the main thing you have to do is earn his trust again and that means you will have to swallow your pride.

You will have to make a sincere apology and show him by actions instead of mere words that you have learned your lesson. Being cheated on lessens a man's ego, so you need to make him see that he is more of a man than the other guy. You have to convince him that he is your man and you will love him forever. Be patient and don't do anything to make him distrust you again. In time he will forgive you, but don't expect him to ever forget.

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