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If you and your ex have just broken up, then you still might not be in your best element just right now. And you could be reading this article with a broken heart. It can also mean that you wanted to get back with him or her and are finding out the most effective ways how to do so. Well, you've come to the right spot. Now don't think that what I'm about to show you is the exhaustive A-Z of relationship repair, far from it. Instead, you'll be shown a little sneak peek into just some of the proper and well-tried ways on how to get your ex back right here.

But first off, you've got to cope with the situation. What's done has been done and there's nothing that you can do to reverse all of that. So instead of feeling down and out or moping aimlessly in your room, move on. Stand up, accept the break up and start your recovery. You stand a much better chance of getting back with your ex if you are back to your lively self and ready for action.


And as you try to sort things out, try to figure as well why your relationship had ended in the first place. What went wrong in your relationship with each other? The manner on which you'll proceed in getting back with your ex depends so much on that. Finding a solution to the problem (or problems) is one of the most direct and positive ways of patching things up for the better.

Once you have processed your feelings and are ready to talk to your ex about the problem, initiate contact. Don't play hard-to-get. Instead, be direct and cut to the chase. Breaking up means there's an urgent problem in your relationship that needs to be tackled. Allowing a space of several days away from each other after the break up is usually enough. However, there may be occasions where a longer window of time is need (such as a full month) for the angst, recriminations and emotional turbulence to die down somewhat. Whatever the appropriate time period is needed for a sufficient pause between the two of you, the problem at hand should be attended to right away after that. Otherwise, things could get much worse than they already are.

Do practice good judgment at all times. You don't have to make your ex jealous or make him miss you so much that he'll begin to hate you for evading his calls. While these things are often used as good techniques on how to get back with your ex, they are not done before you two have seriously talked to one another about the break up.

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