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After a breakup most women become emotional messes and want their ex boyfriend to love them again. It's as if love is something that can be turned on and off like a light switch. The truth is, if he ever loved you he still loves you and if he considered you a booty stop, he is probably gone for good. That might seem a little harsh, but that is the way this game of love works.

Adding to the problem is the fact that most women will go running to their girlfriends to get advice on getting their ex boyfriend back. These are women the same as you and they think like a woman. These are the same people who are always saying there is no way to understand a man. However, if you want to make a man come running back to your arms, you have to think like a man.


Actually men are pretty simple animals and not hard to understand at all. The reason women think their boyfriend is hard to understand is because he is emotionally wired different from them. Another factor is the way boys and girls are raised. Girls are taught to make themselves pretty and look forward to making a home and raising a family. Boys are taught to be more coarse and stronger and usually be the head of the family.

The two sexes differ greatly in physique as well. Women normally have a smaller frame and less muscular body. Men are usually bigger and stronger. It is like comparing a beautiful convertible with a semi – truck. They both have their functions, but are not easily inter changeable. Think of what would happen if you did try to make a convertible do the job of a semi and the semi provide the comfort of a convertible. It just doesn't work.

This is what happens when you go trying to get your ex boyfriend back while using the tactics that you and your girlfriends have come up with. You think that showing him how much you love him will make him suddenly rush back to you. But, to your ex, your actions can appear to be pushy or on the other hand make you look weak and needy. A pushy woman is not appealing to a man nor is one who is weak and needy.

If you want to know how to make your ex boyfriend come running after you, look at how you got him in the first place. Men like to be challenged and the reason for the breakup could have been that you became so available that you were smothering him. He didn't leave you because he didn't love you, he probably was bored and took you for granted. By chasing after him you are proving him right. He knows you will be there whenever he wants you.

Getting your ex back, requires you to use male psychology and get inside his head. You might not have realized it, but that is the way you got him in the first place. You stayed a little out of his reach and he was challenged. If you stop chasing him and let him have time to think you no longer love him, your ex boyfriend will soon be running back to your arms.

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