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You still love your ex boyfriend and you want to get him back, but no matter what you try, he keeps pulling farther away. This could be happening because you are being too nice and playing by the rules. If that's the case, it's time to play a little dirty. Remember the saying “All is fair in love or war?” Well it's true! When you are fighting for your life, you do whatever is necessary to survive.

This man that you are trying to get back, represents your future happiness so why not pull out all of the stops? The first thing you have to do is change the image he has of you. If you have been crying a lot and letting him see you red eyed and your hair in a mess, that's not making you appear very desirable. You are showing all of your weaknesses and none of your good points, but you can change that fast.


Stop chasing him and start thinking of yourself. Go get a makeover at a good salon, a new hair style, manicure and then splurge for the hottest looking clothes you can find. You want to dazzle your ex so bad that his eyeballs will nearly fall out of their sockets. You want to set him drooling over you and then show him you don't need him in order to be happy. But just getting a makeover and new clothes will be only the beginning.

Your next move will be to stay out of his sight for a while and have your friends start rumors about you finding a new guy. Then after the rumor has been around for a week or two, go out with your friends and stop by the places your ex hangs out. In your group be sure to have two or three great looking guys. Having heard that you have a new guy and then seeing you in group with a couple of them will drive your ex crazy.

It shouldn't be very long before your ex will start sending text messages and calling you. This will be the hard part because although you have to talk to him at some point, you don't want to appear too anxious. You will have to muster all of your strength and let the text messages pile up as well as the phone messages. Don't overdo it and get him discouraged, just wait a couple of days before you answer.

When you do decide to answer your ex boyfriend, you have to be as cheerful as you can be. Let him do most of the talking and when he gets around to asking you to meet him for a talk, hesitate and then say you will have to get back to him. By this time he will be feeling some of the desperation you have been feeling and it will make him realize how much he needs you in his life.

You have him set up for the kill so move in by calling him back and agree to meet him. When the two of you meet it will be another crucial time, so you want to look your best. Again, let him talk and then you have to be strong again. Look your ex boyfriend straight in the eye and do not allow a tear to show in your eyes.

Tell him how much he hurt you and you don't want to go through it again. If he seems repentant, offer to start dating again on a trial basis. This won't be easy, but it should show your ex boyfriend that you expect him to do his part in order to have a happy relationship.

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