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Can I Save My Marriage

When your ex boyfriend broke up with you, it probably was not just something that happened. He had a plan and no doubt had spent quite a bit of time working on it. He knew that if he caught you by surprise you would be too shocked to argue with him and he could just quietly get away. He also told you that he needed some space, a break or some other weak excuse to let you down easy.

Of course he expected you to start trying to get him back as soon as you came out of your shock and he was well prepared to reject every thing you tried. He is probably aware of the no contact rule and expects you to try that as well. He will just wait until you can't stand it any longer and then refuse your phone calls and not answer your text or email messages.


However, this is a new era and women have declared their independence and equality, so why should you be letting your ex boyfriend be the one who calls all of the shots. He really thinks that it is a man's place to chase a woman, so let him chase you. After all he was the one to initiate the breakup and he should be the one to beg you to take him back.

Making your ex want to chase you again might sound a little hard to do, but you can make him do it by sending just one text. This won't be a text where you are telling him you love him and can't live without him. You have probably sent a lot of that kind of text and all he does is ignore you. But the words you are going to say in this text won't be ignored. In fact your ex boyfriend will be the one who will be in shock.

The reason you should send a text instead of calling him is because you can't trust your emotions at this time. Hearing his voice might make you start crying and begging him to love you again and that would blow the whole thing. You have to show him that you are his equal and you can live without him. Besides if he answers your text in a way that is abusive, you can just erase it.

Since the breakup, you may have spent a lot of time trying to convince your ex boyfriend that he is wrong. But, he can't argue you with you if you agree with him and that is what you are going to do. In the text that you send you are going to tell him that after thinking it over, you feel that he was right and the breakup is a good idea. Tell him that you didn't realize how boring the relationship had become. Then wish him well.

When he reads the text, he will be shocked. This was not in his plans and he will be confused. Then he will do what anyone will do when he thinks he has lost something of value. Your ex boyfriend will start chasing you again.

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