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Has a day gone by since your break up when you haven't thought about your ex boyfriend? If you still love him chances are very good that you think about him virtually non-stop. He's likely the first thing on your mind in the morning when you wake up and before you drift off to sleep you imagine being back in his arms. He's the man you love so it only makes sense that you'd think about him all the time, right? One thought you probably have continually swirling in your head is whether he ever thinks of you. Naturally you're hopeful that he's thinking of you and wondering whether you still care about him. Short of asking him directly what he's feeling, is there any way to know for certain that he still has lingering thoughts of you? There actually are a few signs that indicate that you're still taking up space in not only your ex boyfriend's mind but in his heart too.

He Calls You to Check In


If you're hoping for a reunion with your ex boyfriend you undoubtedly call him from time to time to ensure you are still a part of his life. That's to be expected, considering how deep your feelings for him run. If you're wondering about his feelings just take a moment to consider how often he's the one calling you. Does he call you on a regular basis to check in and to see where your life is at the moment? Does he seem interested in what's going on with you? If you've been the one doing all the calling up to this point, let that go for a couple of weeks and see if he makes contact. If he does, that's a great sign and you should take some comfort in the fact that he hasn't been able to let you go up to this point.

He Asks if You're Dating

One of your biggest fears at this point is whether your ex boyfriend is going to find someone new. It's possible, but highly improbable if the man is interested in your current dating status. Logically once a couple breaks up and they both feel ready to move on, they'll embrace the idea of their past partners finding a new match. You still love your ex, so the mere thought of him even dating another woman probably makes your heart sink. If your ex boyfriend has been asking you if you've met anyone new, he's not enquiring because he's curious. He's actually asking because he wants to know whether he has any new competition for your affection. If your ex boyfriend was completely and utterly over you, he would never ask about your current dating situation. Take heart in the fact that he's interested.

He Talks About the Past

Getting over someone you love is never an easy task. If you still harbor strong feelings for the other person, you're bound to spend hours upon hours reminiscing about the past. It's something you've likely caught yourself doing repeatedly since the break up and if your ex boyfriend does it while he's talking with you, take that as a strong sign that he's still fond of you. He may not directly say that he wishes you two were back together or he misses the times you two were dating, but there are other subtle hints that he may be sharing about how he truly feels. For instance, if he talks about places you two went together or special occasions that you celebrated as a couple, that's a very promising sign. The same is true if he brings up the special song you two shared or he mentions your favorite restaurant. He's holding onto those memories for a reason and you can't and shouldn't overlook that.

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