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It is understandable that you want your ex boyfriend to regret the breakup. He has caused you to lose sleep and cry an ocean of tears. Wanting him to regret the breakup could be a slight wish for revenge, but your main reason is you want to feel his arms about you again and hear his voice saying “I love you.” But, if you think you can just wait around for him to call and apologize, you will have a long wait.

To make him realize his mistake, you need to get inside his head and make him worry about losing you. That might sound crazy since he was the one who dumped you, however if he still loves you, he won't want to lose you for good. By using male psychology to push his hot buttons, you can control his thoughts and actions.


First of all if you want to get your ex back, you can't let him know you want him back. Every time you send a text saying how much you miss him and you will love him forever, you are keeping him from regretting the breakup. Your ex boyfriend is getting a big boost to his ego from seeing a lovely girl like you begging for his love. You have to make your ex beg for your love and that won't be hard to do at all.

Most experts will tell you that you have to give him time to cool off and think about what he has done. That's good advice, but while you are giving him this time and space there are actions you need to be taking as well. These actions do not involve chasing him and showing him the worst of you. Instead, you have to show him the best of you and make him think you are ready to move on.

By appearing as if you no longer care, you will get the attention of your ex boyfriend fast. As long as he thinks you are there whenever he wants you, he is in his comfort zone. When you do things that jar him out of his comfort zone, he will start regretting the breakup. Making him miss you is one of the fastest ways to bring him out of his comfort zone and you can do that by causing him to yearn for the good times you had together.

Male psychology teaches that men always want what they think they can't have or they will want to get back what they think they have lost. This ignites their hot buttons of challenge and desire. That is what you did when you first met him and he started chasing you. By doing the same things you did then, he will feel the yearning to have you back in his arms.

Making your ex boyfriend regret breaking up with you is as simple as showing him what he has lost. Get dressed in your sexiest clothes and go out with some friends. Visit the places your ex boyfriend hangs out and make sure he gets a good look at you. It helps if you have two or three good looking guys in your group because your ex boyfriend may think you are with one of them.

That will issue the challenge and cause your ex to regret the breakup. He will begin chasing you again and you will be back in his arms. It all comes down to using male psychology to push his hot buttons the right way.

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