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Everyone has been in a situation where they have realized how much they really want their ex significant other back. It can be the case that a guy had a moment of sheer stupidity and left his girlfriend without realizing what she meant to him, or the girl could've just gotten fed up or tired of the relationship. In either case, when a person decides he wants his ex back it is going to be a process. It is often not as easy as just calling her once and everything going back to the way it was, but luckily there are a few tried and true techniques that will increase the likelihood of reigniting the flame.



Disappearing is one of the most effective ways of getting back an ex if it is done right. Leaving an ex to their own thoughts will force them to go over the relationship in their head. She will likely remember several of the good times which will make her long for the days in the past. Cutting off all communication may be a difficult thing to do. Our own human nature makes us want to reach out and feel connected with those we miss, but this urge must be contained. If an ex wasn't a completely heartless you-know-what, then she will be experiencing loss as well. She will begin to realize how much she needs you back in her life and will likely have to fight the urge to call you.

Don't Go Negative

Going negative is the worst possible thing that can be done in this situation. Saying nasty things or placing blame solely on an ex girlfriend really defeats the purpose of no communication, because it is likely to find its way back to her. Even if she has been removed from your Facebook page it is highly unlikely that you don't share some mutual friends. Negative posts can and will find their way back to her, and will most likely help her get over you quickly.

Meet Other Women

This method has to be undertaken with some finesse. You do not want your ex to see you with another girl and automatically think she needs to move on as well. Starting a relationship with this new girl will completely backfire. There is no way that someone will not get hurt in that situation. Simply spending time with other girls is enough to drive an ex crazy, whether she left you or vice-versa. Humans have the natural urge to be jealous creatures when it comes to something they once had, and hanging out with other girls will take full advantage of this evolutionary flaw.

Hanging out with the Ex

If your ex hasn't come back begging for the two of you to give it another shot, then after about a month it is time to hang out casually. If you've refrained from going negative then this shouldn't be a problem. Even if you're still hurting, put forward a strong front. A confidant man who acts as if nothing is bothering him is going to turn on just about any girl, especially one you've already had a relationship with.

Getting your ex girlfriend back is one of the most trying things that a person can go through. Sure, some exes make it as easy as calling them and saying “I want you back”, but others make it more difficult (probably the reason we want them more). Following a few simple guidelines can give you the best chance of winning back your ex, and if they don't work then at least you didn't look like a sniveling baby during the process.

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