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The man you thought would be part of your future has just told you that he needs some time to himself and you don't know what to do. No matter how many times you text, email or call him, he keeps ignoring you and all you can think of is the love you have lost. It's easy to only think of your feelings and not consider his at a time like this.

However, your ex boyfriend has memories too, but if you keep harassing him all he will be able to think of is the bad part of your relationship and forget the good times. To become the center of his life again, you have to make him sorry he broke up with you and you can only do that by making him think of what he has lost.


The problem is that your ex boyfriend cannot feel the loss of you and your love if you are constantly telling him you love him and can't live without him. A man can't miss something that he already has. Therefore doesn't it make sense that if you take yourself out of his life and give him time to think the man you love will start having the same feeling of loss that you are feeling.

The main reason you are feeling frustrated is because your ex boyfriend keeps ignoring you. That should tell you that the way to get his attention is to ignore him. Something you may not know is that being ignored by an ex girlfriend is unacceptable to a man. It is a big blow to his ego and pride and makes him the laughing stock of his buddies.

It won't be easy for you to just walk away and stop having contact with your ex, but it is the surest way of making him desire you again. Men think much differently than women and if they think they can't have something it becomes a challenge. That's why he chased you in the beginning. You seemed unattainable and he had to prove that he could get you.

You must also make your actions sincere because if your ex boyfriend thinks you are playing some sort of trick, he will be apt to start dating other women just to show you he can get by without you. Make your man feel that you are making a life without him.

Find a hobby or do volunteer work and in time getting your ex back will become less of an obsession to you. However your actions will start bringing back the good parts of your relationship to your man and as he realizes how empty his life is without you. Soon you will become the focus of his life again and the man you love will come crawling back.

Once you get your ex back, never let him take you for granted again. Staying just a little out of his reach and making him always want more is the best male psychology for keeping your man.

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