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Your boyfriend broke up with you and no matter how hard you tried to get him to talk things over, he rejected you. So, you gave up and thought he was gone for good. Then out of nowhere you get a text from him. Naturally this is going to get you excited and you want to phone and tell him how much you still love him and how badly you have missed him.

However, you had better put the brakes on your emotions and not get carried away. The action you take at this time can bring him running back or cause him to run in the other direction. Your ex boyfriend sending you a text, can mean several things. Yes, it could mean that he misses you and wants to talk things over. But, it could mean that he wants something else.


Your ex boyfriend expects you to get excited about the text. After all you were telling him you can't live without him, just a few weeks ago. By him sending you a text, he has broken the silence between you, and you have a great opportunity to gain control. Up to now he has been in control and you have been his puppet. The more he ignored you, the more desperate you were.

Just remember, men and women do not think the same. Most women are happy to give to the man they love, but men do not show their emotions easily. The text your ex boyfriend sent you is an ice breaker, but don't be too quick to jump into the water. He could have a motive that is great for him, but bad news for you.

This might be hard to take, but he could be wanting you only as a back up girlfriend. As long as he takes you on an occasional date and sends you a text, email or calls you now and then he knows you won't find another guy. All he has to do is give you a little hope and you will sit around forever waiting for him. If he truly wants you back, he won't stop with one text message.

You shouldn't ignore his text, but take your time to answer him. Show him that if he wants you back, he will have to win your heart again. The more he has to work, the more he will appreciate you. If you allow yourself to be a booty call, that is all you will ever be to him. Men appreciate a challenge, so make yourself a challenge to your ex boyfriend.

You have to give him some hope, and you know how to do that. However, if you just fall right back into his arms, you are apt to lose him again. Every move you make at this time can be the difference in getting your ex back or losing him for good. You have to learn the right male psychology to use in order to push his hot buttons. Everything in love and war depends upon proper timing. Make sure you make the right move at the right time and he will be your man forever.

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