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When things have settled down after a breakup and you have your emotions back in control, you may realize how much you still love your ex boyfriend and that starts you to wondering if he might still be in love with you. Of course you can't just call him up and ask him, so how are you to know? Fortunately there are clues that your ex will give to tell you that the answer is yes!

However, seeing these clues for what they really are could be a problem. You might be so anxious for him to still be in love with you that nearly anything he does might get your hopes aroused. When you see something that could be showing that he still cares about you, it will be wise to be careful and act slowly. Don't let your mind play tricks on you and lead you into a situation that will make you look foolish.


If the breakup has been very recent, you shouldn't expect any clues as yet because men usually take longer to get over a hurt. However, if your ex boyfriend has had time to experience his life without you, he could begin missing you. That is when the clues that he loves you and want you back will start to appear. Let me warn you again, you have to be sure that your eyes are seeing these clues and that you are not being mislead by your heart.

One of the first and easiest clues to tell you that he is missing you is when your mutual friends tell you that your ex boyfriend has been asking about you. If he didn't still care he wouldn't wonder about you, so you can take this clue as positive. Some people will tell you that if you get a glimpse of him at the mall or somewhere else, he is so much in love with you that he just wants a glimpse of you.

But, don't take this for sure unless it happens several times in a short period. One of the most positive clues will be when you get a text from him. The first might be just to ask how you are doing. Don't be too quick to answer and when you do just say you are fine and hope he is as well. You have to let him take the lead and not show your true feelings for your ex boyfriend too soon.

It might take him a while, but sooner or later he will want to meet you for a talk. This will be a crucial time for your relationship, so you want to look your best and have your emotions under control. As he is talking to you watch for other clues which will say that he loves you. If you catch him staring at you, it means that he has been missing you terribly. If he leans forward as he talks it says that he wants to be as close to you as possible.

Make sure you keep looking into his eyes and then lightly touch his arm. This can send an electric shock through him and before you know it he will tell you that he loves you, which will be the clue that you have been hoping to hear.

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