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If you have recently gotten out of a relationship, and you are starting to have dreams about your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend coming back into your life, it could be something beyond pent up feelings inside. Dreams tend to have meanings which are outside of the scope of normal everyday life, and with your ex showing up in your dreams, it depends upon the context of the dream itself. Here are a few ways to interpret the dreams that you have when you have dreams about ex coming back into your life.

Your Ex At The First Place You Met


A dream in which you are in the first place that you met your ex is usually interpreted as a dream regarding regret or remorse. In fact, you may awaken feeling as if you are actually missing this person, and that may be the case. It depends how long it has been since the two of you broke up, and the circumstances that occurred. However, dreams in which you see your ex boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse at your original place of meeting tends to be a premonition of things to come. You could be any place in your life where you are looking for someone new. This dream is reflective of that fact, which means you should open yourself up to the possibility of starting a new relationship.

Dreams About Ex Coming Back – Fighting Dreams

If you are not together, you more than likely had several fights. The one that you dream about really doesn't matter. The fact that you are dreaming about fighting with your ex is the key to understanding the dream itself. Again, you have to look at the context of the dream and where the fight takes place. Based upon the environment of the dream, you can make a proper assessment. Foundation away, dreams about fighting with an ex are about the internal turmoil that you feel inside. More than likely, you have felt wronged by the other person, and would like to replace that grief with something happy and new. It is a reminder of how lucky you are to not be with this person anymore, and that you are on your way toward finding a better relationship in your life.

Swimming With Your Ex

Even if you have never been to the beach and swam in the ocean with your ex, a dream about swimming with them is a sign that you are lost without them. This does not mean you should go running back to this individual in order to rekindle the romance, if there was a need there to begin with. It means that you feel lost in the open waters of life, and that you need to find someone out in that abyss to make you feel whole once again. Dreams of the ocean are all about finding your way. If there is someone in your life right now that you would like to be with, this is a clear sign that you should move in their direction.

Interpreting dreams is something that is typically very subjective. When you have dreams about ex coming back, there are multiple interpretations that can occur. However, having a dream about swimming with them, fighting with them, or meeting them for the first time are all signs that you should be looking for someone new, and that you will find peace and happiness once this new person is in your life.

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