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It's not just women who suffer the pain and anguish associated with a breakdown in a loving relationship. Guys too can be hurt emotionally when they face a break up and the prospect of a life ahead without their lover.

If you have recently broken up but your time alone for contemplation and reflection has made you want to know how to get your ex girlfriend back, strong chances are you still have more than just some feelings for your ex girlfriend and you are clearly not ready to let her go completely, if at all. Does this situation apply to you? If it does, and you think you might need a bit of external advice, then here are some tips on what not to do when it comes to pursuing her and trying to get your woman back into your life.


1. Stop Pestering Her

The more you show up, get in her face and pester her to accept you back into her life, then the more this may take on the appearance of you trying to threaten her. While this may not be your explicit intention, I'm afraid that constant unwanted attention of this sort may look no different from threatening behaviour. If you persist with this approach you may very well find yourself in front of the law doing a lot of explaining. I'd suggest you stop constantly calling her, appearing at her home or wherever she is and publicly pleading with her to accept you back into her life. That is an act of intruding into her personal space that you no longer have the privilege, let alone the right to. A thinking and chivalrous man will expect there will be a boundary and will behave accordingly to respect her space.

2. Stop Replaying The Break Up Scene In Your Head

Your mind is a wonderful video player but it is not being put into good use when you keep replaying that scene over and over ad nauseam. If, like most people, you don't even like that scene and it is crazy to keep forcing yourself to watch that, right? Go and distract yourself and stabilize your mood by doing something else. Better yet, make a concerted effort to get your mind off of your relationship and focus on something else to put all your energy in, say your favorite sports, a bit of gym work or even doing some volunteering for a local community group. I'm sure the latter option will appreciate the extra set of hands and you get to benefit from growing a bit as a person.

3. Don't Use Sleazy Lines or Lies

If you resort to using a few cheap (and often nasty) throw away sleaze lines or make up a stack of false stories to re-write history in your favour, not only will you be seen as insincere, you are downright disrespecting her as an individual. This is not a test where you get marks for having the right answer. Clear yourself out of all this nonsense and childish behaviour, take a deep breath, pause for a moment or two and clearly state what is in your heart. If you are going to use some lines that came out of books or try to sound smart, your ex girlfriend will most probably see through you and the last thing you want in this pursuit is definitely not getting shut out and cut off from her life for good, right? So don't do it and be honest with her and yourself. You will be surprised how a little honesty, even admitting your mistake, can do a better job at getting a step closer to reconciliation than lying and covering it up.

If you find yourself making any of these mistakes then it is time to stop if you really want to salvage your relationship with your ex girlfriend. The tips above can be helpful to guide you so that you do not make the wrong moves when it comes to mending your broken former relationship. It can cost you your chance for getting back with your ex girlfriend if you choose to ignore these suggestions. However, one thing to remember is that there is no absolute set in stone guarantee for these tips on how to get your ex girlfriend back. Getting your relationship back can, and often is, fraught with lots of little ups and downs that even the best laid plans can't always pre-empt or account for. As the old saying goes, “it takes two to tango”. It needs the two of you to be engaged as active participants to make it work and if your ex wants to leave you instead of giving you one more last-ditch chance, then it may be better to treat it as a lesson in life and love and move on with your lot, notwithstanding the turbulence going on inside you right now.

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