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If your boyfriend said he wanted to end the relationship, it might sound like he is gone for good. However, people say things in anger or under emotional stress that they later regret. If your relationship ended in a heated argument, you might also be regretting some of your words. It is not easy to just walk away from someone you love and never look back and the chances are good that your ex boyfriend is still in love with you.

At this very moment, your ex might wish he had you back, but how are you to know? He won't come right out and admit he made a mistake because men have too much ego and pride to do that. But, he has the ability to feel emotions and once his anger subsides and he realizes how much he still loves you, he will begin to miss you and want you back. That's when he will give off signs that will let you know how he feels about you.


I need to warn you, though that because of your emotional condition, you may force yourself to see signs that are not really there. You have to take it slow and not make the mistake of acting on something you might imagine and get hurt again. Another thing you could be tempted to do, is hang around your ex boyfriend hoping to see some sign that he wants you back.

If you give your guy enough space and time to think after the breakup, and he is still in love with you, he will contact you in some way. Usually he will feel the safest way is by text. He may text you with an innocent question such as “How are you doing?” This doesn't commit him in any way and looks like the decent thing to do. That is why you need to be careful because it could be just an act of decency.

When you receive his text, it will make you excited, but don't think this is an invitation to send a long reply telling your ex boyfriend how much you have missed him and you will love him forever. If you do, you may never hear from him again. In fact, you shouldn't answer his text at all for a few days and when you do answer just say you are fine and ask how he is doing. This is just being courteous on your part and he can't read anything into your answer.

He might not text you again for a while, but you may start getting glimpses of him at the mall and other places you go. This doesn't mean he is stalking you, but it shows that his just wants to see you any way he can. Still you shouldn't approach him because that would make him feel embarrassed and he might withdraw again. You have to let your ex boyfriend be the one to tell you he wants to have a talk.

Even when he says he wants to talk, you can't appear too anxious. Naturally, you want to agree, but don't act like this is the happiest day of you life, although it might be. When you meet your ex boyfriend be cheerful and make him laugh, while letting him do most of the talking. Actually all you have to do is be the same as you were when you first met him and he will want you again.

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