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When you lose the man you love it can experience the feelings of loneliness and being unloved. When you add to that the fear that he will forget you, is it any wonder that you want to stay close to him? But, staying in his face is the worst thing you can do because every time he sees you or hears your voice, your ex boyfriend is reminded of the reasons he broke up with you.

In order to get your ex back, you will have to give him the time for his wounds to heal and experience his life without you. This is what makes the no contact rule so effective, it gives him the time to miss you. Since he won't be able to miss you if you are always around, you need to make yourself scarce. This might surprise you, but giving him time without you is the best way to keep him from forgetting you.


To understand why staying away from your ex boyfriend can keep you on his mind, you only have to look as far as yourself. What has happened to you since he walked away from you? You have him on your mind constantly. You wonder where he is and if he is with another woman. This makes you desperate and you go running after him vowing that you will love him forever.

During the time you and your ex boyfriend had a relationship you accumulated memories, some good and some bad. However the human mind works in strange ways, when you are deprived of something, you think of it's good points and forget the bad. This is what happened to you when he broke up with you. If you were to list all of the faults that your ex has, you would be amazed, but all you can think of is the good.

Your ex boyfriend is no different than you, if you make him think you no longer want him, his mind will start forgetting what caused the breakup and think of how much he misses you and wants you back. However, the only way this can happen is by you giving him time away from you. In other words, you have to dump your ex boyfriend.

Now perhaps you can see why you have to stop chasing him and give your ex time to think, but you also have to make him yearn for the good times he had with you. The best way to accomplish that is to let him see what a good time you can have without him and you can't do that by sitting at home. Get your friends together for a night out on the town and have a blast. When your ex boyfriend hears of this, he will wish he had been with you.

He will also be afraid of some other man making you his girlfriend. It will be your ex boyfriend's turn to worry about you forgetting him and he will become desperate for your love again.

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