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Communication Problems In A Relationship

I don't have to tell you how much it hurts to have your boyfriend breakup with you, but one thing you might not realize is that your ex is hurting too. You are both probably very much in love with each other, but something happened to pull you apart and you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back. Another thing you might not know is that your ex boyfriend wants you back.

The difference is that you are crying and begging him to love you again and that gives him all of the control. You might ask, “If he still loves me, why won't he even talk to me?” The answer won't be of much help, but that is the way men are. Women show their emotions and men don't because their emotions operate differently. Some of this difference is in your genes and some is due to the way you were raised.


Something else it won't take your ex boyfriend long to realize is that as long as he keeps rejecting you, he is the one who is in control. As long as he is in control it will be hard to get back the man you love. After all, your ex is in a pretty good position right now. As long as you are running after him and begging, he doesn't have to worry about losing you. To get him back you have to change things completely around.

The best way to turn things around is to accept the breakup and let your ex boyfriend know it. So, send him a text and just say you agree that the breakup was best for both of you. After you send the text, if you feel like it, throw yourself on the bed and scream and cry until you get it all out. Then go take a long leisurely bath and you will be surprised at how much better you feel.

Your next step will be to get dressed in your hottest clothes and then call your girlfriends and arrange to go out on the town. Ask them to bring along a couple of real great looking guys and then have your little group stop by the places your ex boyfriend hangs out. Make sure he sees one of the great looking guys talking to you and then leave. This will be your formal declaration that you are not playing his game anymore.

As soon as he read your text, your ex boyfriend could feel the control slipping away from him. Then seeing you looking so hot and not knowing if you were with that great looking guy or not will drive him crazy. However, you aren't done with him yet because you are going to disappear. Take a vacation or visit friends, whatever you can do that will get you out of his sight for a bit.

This will put you in control because your ex boyfriend will think you might be with the great looking guy and he has lost you for good. Your ex will feel the pain that you felt when he dumped you and all he can think of is how much he misses you. Now it will be his turn to come running after you and beg you to love him again.

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