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If your boyfriend has been acting strange, you might be wondering if he is also a liar. But, how can you be sure? You don't want to accuse him and then find out you are wrong. However on the other hand, if he is cheating on you and then telling lies to hide his cheating, you need to know before things go any farther. Some guys think they are being cool by doing this, but it could end up breaking your heart.

It won't do any good to ignore his actions because it will just get worse. You have to think of what his actions are doing to you. It is making you feel suspicious and unsure of how he feels about your relationship. But two people in a relationship should feel that they can trust each other completely. If your boyfriend is being untruthful you need to know it. However if he is just acting strange because of other reasons, your distrust could make him feel he can't rely on you.


Fortunately there are ways to tell when the ordinary person is not telling the truth. Other than a person with no morals and with a habit of being dishonest, these signs should give them away:

1. When you ask your boyfriend a question look him squarely in the eyes. Start off with an innocent question that he can answer easily and the ask the one that has been troubling you. If he is telling the truth, his attitude should remain the same. If he is telling a lie, his eyes will shift, he will probably move his position and begin to stammer. These actions show that you have surprised him and he doesn't have time to think up a lie.

2. When you catch a liar unprepared, they will try to cover up the lie. Although it might sound strange, they will try to cover their mouth with their hands. It seems that they have a subconscious feeling that if you can't see the lips, you can't tell they are lying. So, watch the hands as well as the eyes. If the eyes shift away from you and he start moving his hands, it is a good indication that he is trying to cover up a lie.

3. A liar will also try to distract you by moving away a bit and picking something up. This is an attempt to get away from the subject. For some reason your boyfriend will feel that by changing positions you will not pursue the topic. All of these signs point to the fact that he is being untruthful with you. It might be painful to learn that you can't trust the man you love, but it can save you a lot of future heartache.

If a relationship is not based on mutual trust, it cannot survive for long. A true friend will not lie to you, so if you can't trust him he is not a true friend. Sometimes friendship is more important than love.

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