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If you came across this informative article, you will be glad you came across this article because I'm about to reveal a needed and sought-after solution showing an easy approach that will help you get your ex boyfriend/girlfriend back. I'm giving you the same secret I used to win the love of my ex back in just two weeks. Let's begin with the fact that the break up did not happen just by coincidence. I will show you two main reasons why affectionate relationships always arrive at an abrupt end.

The first reason for a break-up arises when you or your partner does something inappropriate (like cheating). If your ex was upset by something you did or probably you cheated on him or her, then you you will have to apologize by showing remorse. Please note that your ex will not take you back if he/she perceives that you aren't really remorseful. Make him/her know that you have realized your mistake and you now realize how serious is the gravity of your error. As you do that, be sure to keep off from saying brief pithy utterance such as “it doesn't mean anything”. This doesn't show that you feel remorseful or repentant from your mistake. Nevertheless, if you are determined and serious on getting your ex boyfriend/girlfriend back, right now I will show you a way to make a deep-rooted apology that will bring you back in the relationship you once had. The second reason has to do with a loss of attraction.


A loss of attraction indicates that your partner is not that into you anymore. You hear them say something like these; “I need some space and time to think about our relationship or settle something,” “I am not certain I want to commit myself deeper into our relationship”. “I think that I ought to think about other things and take my life more seriously before I settle down.” “I feel like I am definitely not willing yet to commit to someone.” It's heart-breaking to hear inconsistent words such as these. Like I said the second main cause of a break-up is that your ex does not really feel attracted to you anymore. Bear in mind that at the beginning of your relationship, your ex was not attracted to you just by incidence. Gradually as the relationship moved on, notice that you began to lose some or most of the initial passion you both once had. You need to find out those lost character, qualities, that will make you return to that attractive person you once were if you want your ex boyfriend coming back to you. The factor that brought you both together into the relationship is the same factor that can keep you both together in love in the relationship. In addition, signs neediness or loneliness is not attractive to anyone. Perhaps you thought your ex will try to get back to you if you can make him/her have pity on you. You better think wisely again, because nobody finds badly off or pitiful looks attractive in any way. Nobody desires a disadvantaged person around them.

Do this approach and you will be on the right track: Stop any contact with your ex for at least 21 days and I have reasons why I said that. Firstly, it will help stop you from acting needy or badly off when you are around your ex. At this point in time, you are most likely in an emotional breakdown, but you must be strong. Next, prepare by putting up a strong attitude in your mind this will set the stage for the big link-up. After those 21 days of separation your ex will undeniably start to feel lonely. You have thus increased your chances of getting him back in favor of you. Also, at this time, a deep remorseful apology will mean a lot and be more effective if he/she is expecting an apology from you. Give him time to miss you. This tactic I used is a psychological trick I got from a relationship expert called Michael Fiore.

What I have just written is only a piece of Michael's book on “The Magic of making up” it's a complete advice on how to get an ex lover back. If you really love your ex and want him/her to return back to you, then I suggest you listen to Michael Fiore and follow every bit of his advice on the book. Listen to Michael's advise at the Author Resource box link below. If this is the man/ for you, don't give up. There are proven methods to make him love you like never before. See link below:

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