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Practically everybody uses text to send messages today and after a breakup it can be a way to get your ex boyfriend back or lose him for good. If you still love your ex and he sends you a text, you want to reply immediately and tell him how much you love and miss him. But, that might be the worst thing you can do. By staying in contact with him, you could be giving him a leash that he can lead you around with like a puppy.

If something had hurt or angered your ex boyfriend enough to make him breakup with you, he would not be contacting you. When men are upset about something they want to crawl off by themselves. So, if he sends you a text he might have a reason but, it will not be good for you. This might be hard to hear, but your ex boyfriend is trying to make you his friends with benefits.


Another phrase for it would be a booty stop, however whatever you want to call it, he will have all of the advantage and you will have none. If you go along with his plan, you will be sitting alone night after night waiting for a text or phone call from the man you love. But, he will not be thinking of you. He will be on a date with some other woman and having a great time.

Men who treat women this way have low self esteem. They do not have enough confidence to let one woman go and search for another. They have to have a safety net, someone like you waiting to catch them when they fall. The problem is, it will keep you sitting around when you could be out dating and finding a man who will treat you right.

Your ex boyfriend will send you an occasional text and call you now and then. He might even take you on a date, but he will take you to some out of the way place where you won't be seen by his usual crowd. You will be his backup girlfriend and he will feed you just enough affection to keep you waiting for him. But he will only be making sure that you are there if his new love does not work out.

A man like this cannot be trusted and you have no future with him. As soon as he finds someone who will put up with him, he will drop you and you will never hear from him again. Not only that, but his friends will know that you have been just his booty stop and they will not have much respect for you. To save yourself and your reputation, you need to drop this guy and find someone new.

However before you drop him, there is a way to prove to yourself that he is only using you. Get together with some friends and stop by the places he hangs out. When you run into him, act like you are his girlfriend. Greet him with a big hug and watch his reaction. If your ex boyfriend acts embarrassed and treats you like a stranger, you will know that he is a rat and is just using you.

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