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No doubt you didn't expect your seemingly perfect relationship with your boyfriend will suddenly end just like that and now you are still having a tugging feeling in your heart to want to get your ex boyfriend back. The chances are though, you are still not over him and continue to have lingering feelings for him even though he's no longer in your life. Instead of rushing in and reacting to the whole situation, here are some tips for you on how to get your ex boyfriend back into your life.

Review Your Character


First, you have to reflect back on yourself and see what has changed in you before and after the relationship. If you have changed, it can also affect the attraction at the beginning of your relationship. Be careful that your changes haven't altered you to the point where they cause you to misplace what was once making you an attractive proposition to him. Should this be the case then, due to your own reasons, you may have changed to a person that he no longer may feel attracted to.

Bad Behavior Should Be Checked

Our bad behavior comes out at the wrong time because it is how we are when we feel insecure. Until you commenced dating your boyfriend, you may not have truly known if you are a jealous type of person or have many little gripes and grievances with the world. It's possible that all (or a good many) of your own bad behaviors will come out when it is triggered by your boyfriend's behavior. Say, if you have been single and your friends and family have been neat freaks, then when you start dating your boyfriend who is not as neat as you, you will feel that sudden uncomfortable feeling begin to surface which can lead you to nag him and all the other things you do to change him to become as neat as you. That, in turn, can irritate him because you are trying to make him into who he is not. If you realize this, and are prepared to do something constructive about it, you may want to change your behavior first in an effort to get him back.

Get Back The Passion And Get Back The Man

This can sometimes be hard because you will need him to be around to show him the passion don't you?. Well, it isn't necessarily true because you can be passionate yourself by living your life to the fullest. One of the reasons couples experience a split is because the relationship had become boring where the both of you perhaps neglected what you once enjoyed individually because your lives are such that you are now only in the company of each other. Lack of other interests and hobbies can make a person unexciting and less attractive. So, be the attractive person who is full of life and passion by filling up your social schedule with all your favorite activities. Unless he has blinkers on he will notice the glow in you and he will make his way back into your life.

If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, it isn't about how hard you beg, how much attention you want to try to get from him and all those other ways that have an element of bribery or coercion to them. Not only do those particular ways not do the trick, it can irritate him, make you look like a serial pest and alienate him even further. So, considerer using those tips above and work slowly and judiciously in pulling him back into your life. If you stop trying to constantly push and agitate him to like you back, you will definitely unblock the pathway and move closer to your goal to get your ex boyfriend back.

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