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A breakup can make you feel many different emotions. The first will be panic that your boyfriend does not love you anymore. Then as you begin to miss hearing his voice and seeing his smile, you will feel lonely. When he continues to reject you, these feelings will become anger and frustration. This could make you think of ways to get revenge on your ex boyfriend, but that will make it harder to get your ex back.

The way to pull back the man you love is to make him see that the breakup was a mistake and that will require you to make him feel the loneliness and rejection you have been feeling. But you don't have to play dirty tricks to make him feel this way, all you need to use is male psychology. This might seem complicated to you, but you used it to get your man in the first place.


You have been around this guy long enough to know what he likes and what he dislikes. This allows you to get inside his head and direct his thinking. But to accomplish this, you will have to get control of your own emotions and thinking first. Stop and take time away from your ex to think of what you did to make him desire you when the two of you first met.

When you first became aware that he was interested in you, what did you do? You did what your intuition told you to do and ignored him. The more you acted like he didn't exist, the more desperate this guy became to make you notice him. You were controlling his thinking at that time and the same tactic will control his thinking again.

Your ex boyfriend is still in love with you and when he broke up with you, he never intended the breakup to be for good. Men do not mature as fast as women and when they get their feelings hurt, they act like little boys and go off to sulk. He wants you to come after him and beg him to love you again because that will give him the control. When he comes back to you it will be because he thinks you will be afraid to lose him again.

You can't allow that to happen or he will make your life miserable. Every time you have a spat, your boyfriend will threaten to leave and you will be begging him to stay. No relationship can survive under these conditions, so you have to make him think that he needs you more than you need him. In order to do that, it will be necessary to show him the breakup was a mistake and what his life is like without you.

Nothing gets to a man more than having his ex girlfriend ignore him. This is not what he expected when he broke up with you and he will be surprised at how much he misses you. Your ex will also be confused and the more you ignore him and move on with your life, the more desperate he will be to get you back. Soon he will see that the only way he can be happy again is to swallow his pride and start chasing you again.

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