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Nobody can swear whether men are more faithful to women or women are more faithful to men. Loyalty is a personal characteristic, but nowadays there is increase in infidelity rates among committed and married couples.

A new research conducted by UNH shows that surprisingly these extra affairs are not only due to attractions or for time pass but are maintained due to its costs and benefits. The research also states how it differs for a male and female.


Study Says:

According to the research, “So, What Did You Do Last Night? The Economics of Infidelity.” presented by Elmslie and Tebaldi in journal Kyklos proves that economic cost is one of the major consideration for having and maintaining extra martial affair. As per the economics professor from the Whittemore School of Business and Economics and lead author of the study, Bruce Elmslie, states that the people do consider cost and benefit of having an extramarital affair. No doubt the biological and socioeconomic benefits also plays a major role, but today men and women keeps an consideration about the monetary benefits along with the non-monetary ones.

Further study states that there is a difference between the behaviors of males and females when they consider their infidelity cost. The biological and socioeconomic factors are more important for women; they look for a man who is financially stable, is educated and have good family background. Men don't have any kind of such considerations and have 7 percent high chances of cheating over women.

The chances of affair increases both in men and women when they are peak age, for men it is till 55 years whereas for women its 45 years. After that chances are considerably quiet low. This is because infidelity benefits are less after both the sexes have crossed their peak ages.

Another surprising fact brought out by the research is that upper class women have 8 per cent higher chances of cheating their spouses as compared to the middle and lower class women, where as the men are just the opposite middle and lower class men have higher tendency to cheat as compared to the high class men.

Similarly men who are educated have 3 per cent lesser tendency to cheat, as compared to the men who are less educated. It has been found that educated men choose their partner with great care so there is low room for infidelity. But the education has no consideration for women.

It has been found that unhappy both man and women own more chances of cheating as compared to the happy and peaceful people. Unhappy men have 13 per cent more chances of cheating and similarly unhappy women have 10 per cent higher chance.

Hence, the research has been very helpful in bringing up the significance of all the personal factors that are related to the chances of infidelity in men and women.

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