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After a violent breakup or one that is fairly calm, you can't keep your heart from breaking. The tears flow like a river and you feel lonely and deserted. You think that if you could only hear his voice you might get a good night's sleep. So, you call your ex boyfriend and get rejected. Now you are devastated and don't know where to turn. The realization that the man you love could be gone from your life for good is almost to much to take.

This can cause you to run to your family and girlfriends for some sympathy, but they will likely be almost as upset as you are. Some of them might get angry at seeing you so hurt and tell you to get revenge on the jerk. You may even give it some thought, but if you are smart, you will decide against playing dirty. Those kind of tactics will only make it harder to get your ex back.


On the other hand you could be feeling some guilt about the breakup. Maybe you had been nagging and trying to push your ex for a commitment. However, you can't blame yourself for wanting a little security. Be careful of shouldering too much of the blame for the breakup, after all your ex boyfriend had a part in it too. You didn't dump him, so there is nothing you should feel guilty about.

Trying too hard to get a man back after he is gone, is a sure recipe for disaster. Men feel that they should be the pursuer and having you running after him will make him feel uncomfortable. He won't know what to do because your roles have been reversed. To use male psychology to pull your ex back after he rejects you, it will be necessary to assume your proper roles.

The fastest way to arouse desire for you in a man is to show him you don't need him. If you have been sending text messages and trying to call him, your ex boyfriend will have the idea that you are his for the asking. There is no urgency to get you back because he thinks you will be just sitting around waiting and moping. But, you can change his attitude fast by showing him that he is not the center of your life.

Using male psychology is simply knowing that a man will almost always want what he thinks he can't have. When you start ignoring him and going on with your life, his desire for you will jump like the temperature on a hot August morning. His ears will perk up and he will be on your trail like a hound after a fox. All you will have to do is imitate the fox and stay a little out of his reach.

Suddenly his freedom won't be as important to him and having a cozy little nest with you will be pretty inviting. But to have that nest, he will need to make you love him again. Lead him on the chase for awhile, but don't make him discouraged. You know what you did to get him before, so let your feminine instincts be your guide.

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