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Relationship reconciliation must constantly be made in person. Mainly communication among human beings is non-verbal; hence communication is simply lost by means of text message or electronic mail. On the other hand, if your ex boyfriend is far or maybe there are limiting conditions, a face -to-face communication or even a phone call may not be possible. In this case, your only means of communication to get your ex boyfriend back is text message. Making use of text messages can be a powerful tool to get your ex boyfriend back. But if wrongly used, it may make your relationship not repairable. It is recommendable that you rightly use text messages to get ex back. Texts messages are like push buttons, an alternative of getting your ex back. Below are tips on how to use text messages to get your ex boyfriend back:

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  1. First of all, you must have right reasons for wanting to get your ex back before you begin making use of text message. Right reasons should only come when you reasonably realize you need your ex back as well as miss your ex. Another right reason must be when you believe that the reasons which brought about the conflict can be resolved. Moreover, to begin making use of text messages you must have genuine connections with your ex boyfriend. It is recommendable that you must not try to get your ex back if he is cruel or emotional.
  2. It is important to note that there is no particular magic text that can bring your ex at once. Hence, you must continue texting your ex as long as you receive positive feedback. You should begin by sending simple texts without telling your initial intentions. Then you should observe your ex reactions and further structure text that recall some of your memorable moments. Moreover, it is important that you constantly wish your ex boyfriend good night. This may change your ex's thinking to think that you are really caring and this might make him give you a second chance. However, you should not send more than two text messages in two or else three days.
  3. It is recommendable not to complain if you don't receive feedback from your ex boyfriend. Doing so can decrease your self esteem. You must be calm and anticipate whatever thing from your ex. On the other hand, you must believe in likelihood of getting your ex back. Your ex might just be ignoring your text to measure your patience. The greatest thing that you may do is to calm down and expect for positive feedback.
  4. You must apologize for your mistakes which caused the separation. You must try to be as direct as possible because text messages don't allow vocal intonation. This is very important as there may be no confusion of your intents or your feeling. It is critical to say, 'I'm sorry', due to the restricted potential of text messaging.
  5. Provide reasons why you want to get your ex back and that you're ready to amend the mistakes. You should be specific and point out that you would like to keep or revive the passionate relationship. Doing so can eliminates misunderstanding of the point that you would like to start friendship-pegged relationship. Normally, texting is based on some terms such as, “I would like you back” or “I want my boyfriend back” that assists in explaining what you mean.
  6. Provide recommendations on what must be done to revive the relationship. Your ex boyfriend can perhaps decide to carry on or revive the passionate relationship if he is certain you're capable of avoiding the past problems or cope with them in the future. Suggestions like, 'I will try to avoid yelling' or else 'I will try not to go out more frequently' presents short, simple solution to get your ex back.
  7. Ask your ex boyfriend for another chance and reply. You must wait for your ex to give you a reply when he is ready; you should not compel him to give a reply. Using phrases like “Please I would be happy to know your views” can generate a reply.
  8. The above-mentioned tips absolutely answers your question. You should note that getting a reply from your ex boyfriend might be an opportunity to get him back if it's well handled. On the other hand, it can hinder any opportunity of getting him back forever. Hence, how you deal with it is vital!
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