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Every woman you talk to will have at least one tale of devastating heartbreak in her life. It may have been before she got married or perhaps it was her marriage that caused the unending emotional pain she feels, but we all have our own story to tell. For many women it's a story of a boyfriend who dumped them and seemed to effortlessly move on with his life. If you're the woman left to pick up and mend your broken heart you know it's overwhelming. One common statement you often hear from women in this situation is, “I want to try again with my ex boyfriend but he won't.” That statement is difficult to say but if you consider that he may change his mind at some point and want you back it seems that much less devastating, doesn't it? He may decide one day that he needs you more than he realized. If you're not prepared to wait for that to happen, you do have the power to pull him back to you sooner.

Before you do anything else you need to give yourself a reality check. Obviously you love your ex boyfriend or the desire to have him back wouldn't exist. You must realize that just because you still have very strong feelings for him it doesn't mean that his feelings mirror yours. They don't. If they did, he wouldn't hesitate at all when it comes to getting you back. You may have taken on the misguided perception that he's just too confused to know what he wants. Maybe that's true but it's not for you to determine that. You have to be focused on your own feelings and your own actions right now. That means that you must accept that for him, the relationship as you two knew it is done. It's over in his mind and for now, it must also be over in your mind.


You have to start from square one. That means that you need to pull yourself together and push the past into the past. Dragging up things that happened weeks, months or years ago isn't going to help you in your quest to get him to try again. It's only going to serve to remind him how much tension and conflict there was between the two of you. That's why it's essential that you don't talk about the past at all.

Begin a new relationship with your ex based solely and completely on a platonic friendship. This obviously isn't what you want. What you want is for the man to be your boyfriend again. You must view this in a big picture sort of way. Pressuring him into going from break up to romantic partners again may be too much of a leap for him right now. Going from a difficult break up to friends takes a lot less emotional effort on his part. He'll be open to the idea and it will help you get closer to him again.

Continue to be yourself throughout this process. You do need to keep your emotions tucked away in a nice, safe place though. Getting too emotional when you're around him, won't serve you well. Instead, put a smile on your face, stay relaxed and show him that you're still just as perfect for him as you always were. Once he's over the break up and his emotions have had a chance to settle he's going to start seeing you for the woman you are again.

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