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When you are sitting alone after a breakup, your mind will naturally turn to thoughts of “Does my ex boyfriend still love me?” However if the breakup has been recent it might be too soon to tell. How long will it take before you can start looking for signs? That will depend to a large extent on what caused the breakup. This can also vary depending on how stubborn your ex boyfriend is.

The normal amount of time before you will start seeing signs that your ex boyfriend wants you back is about three weeks. If the breakup was the result of a small spat, it could only be days before your ex wants to make up. Of course if he caught you lying or cheating, it could take longer for him to forgive you, if he ever does. However once your ex has cooled off and starts missing you, the signs that he still loves you will be easy to see.


Your friends will probably be the first to let you know that they think your ex boyfriend wants you back. Since he thinks that you are still in regular contact with these friends, he figures they would know if you have been talking about him. Then he will probably get around to asking them if you are dating and that is a big clue that he still loves you. After all if he didn't care about you, why would he be interested in whether you are dating or not?

Soon after your friends tell you that he has been asking about you, don't be surprised if you get a text message from your ex boyfriend asking how you are. This could be just his way of seeing how anxious you are to have him back, so don't rush to the phone and give him a call. In fact, you shouldn't be too fast in answering his text. Wait a couple of days and then just send him a text saying that you are fine and staying busy.

You don't want him to get the idea that you have just been sitting around and waiting to hear something from him because if you seem too available, you might never hear from him again. The biggest and most positive sign that your ex boyfriend wants you back will be when he asks you to meet him for lunch or coffee. You should agree to meet him and be sure to look your very best.

Make sure that you are not the first one there, but don't make him wait too long. Be alert because he will give you some more clues that he still loves you during this meeting. If his eyes light up when he first sees you and he can't seem to take his eyes off you, this can say that he has missed you very much. Leaning toward you as he talks will tell you that he wants to be close to you.

If you say you have to be going, but he keeps wanting to say one more thing, it shows how happy he is to be with you again. Seeing these signs will tell you that your ex boyfriend still loves you and wants you back.

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